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Can Dogs Be Valentines?
Celebrating love with other species
Marley and Karen hanging out


Late last week I was among those who received an e-mail from a friend of mine titled “Anybody wanna be Marley’s Valentine?” That was her way of selling the request for someone to walk her dog during the middle of the day today since she had to be away from the house for too long.
She went on to say that Marley is actually her Valentine, but that she has accepted that she is not the only love of his life. (It’s true—there are a lot of people who adore this dog and Marley seems quite fond of the lot of us. He is one of those dogs who tends to be particularly fond of guys, but it is my professional opinion that he loves me, too.)
I am the lucky one spending time with Marley today. Rather than just pop in for a walk, I brought him to my house, which is easier for me. It also gives me the chance to make my Valentine’s Day claim on him.
Marley and I just went for a run together. Once he has completely recovered and cooled down, he will enjoy a frozen Kong® filled with Kong® stuffing and some leftover roasted chicken. A massage is on the schedule for later on. Of course, this is exactly what we would be doing on any other day together, but I still think it’s a great way to celebrate a holiday about love.
Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in any way with your dogs?



Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Megan | February 14 2011 |

GDB puppy in training Caleb and I are heading out to a chick flick as I am on vacation this week!

Submitted by Carolyn | February 14 2011 |

A massage, a red collar, and her favorite treat: a WHOLE sardine.

Submitted by jody agerton | February 14 2011 |

I tried to by giving him a great shampoo, and lots of hugs, but the hyped up Cobee just kept on doing one thing after another to make a mess of the place: grabbing anything that fell towards the floor and even going up for objects and running off with no heed to my calling him to bring it back... But in the end I know he just wanted to be right there with me and I was not there all the time with him,...I don't love any one or thing as much as him, and yes he is my ALL . I have no friends to say, I live alone, and I thank God for Cobee. He is just being who he is and that s fine with me when it all comes down to it!

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