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Kids Encouraged Dog to Attack Women
This isn’t your typical dog bite case. Not at all.
Snaps was deliberately abused by kids to make him attack. [King County Sheriff's office.]

This past Father’s Day in Seatac, Washington, witnesses saw four children aged 11 to 15 kicking Snaps, their male brindle pit bull. When a 63-year-old woman driving past stopped to help the dog, the 15-year-old girl told her to “mind her own business” then proceeded to pull her out of the car by her hair and hit her. One of the boys dragged Snaps over and encouraged his dog to bite her on the hands and thigh. A second good samaritan chased down the kids only to have them again encourage Snaps to attack. As they egged him on, he repeatedly bit the 41-year-old woman’s head, face and arms.

The kids were taken into police custody then released to their parents. Only the 15-year-old girl was charged with a felony assault charge. King County sheriff’s spokesman John Urquhart said the kids were deliberately hurting the dog to incite aggression. Where did they learn this kind of behavior? Surely, this wasn’t the first time the kids had abused Snaps. Where were their parents or other responsible adults?

Snaps was taken to local animal control and will likely be euthanized at the end of the week. Why is Snaps paying with his life after being abused and following the children’s orders? Where is the justice in that?

The whole situation is frightening and wrong. All four kids – and parents – should be held accountable for the abuse inflicted on their dog and the two women who tried to save him. What kind of abuse is going on in this family’s home? Why haven’t the kids been schooled in responsibility and compassion? Who will they hurt next if there are no serious repercussions for their actions?

Do you think Snaps should be killed? If not, what can be done to save his life and rehabilitate him?


Julia Kamysz Lane, owner of Spot On K9 Sports and contributing editor at The Bark, is the author of multiple New Orleans travel guides, including Frommer’s New Orleans Day by Day (3rd Edition). Her work has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Poets and Writers and Publishers Weekly.


King County Sheriff

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Submitted by Lisa Wogan | June 24 2009 |

Heads up from our Twittering friends: "The people have started a petition to save Snaps the dog" at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/helpsavesnaps

Submitted by Alexandra Brandis | June 24 2009 |

I know, no one want's to hear this but their are evil children out there. Yes, they are taught this evil stuff by their parents. It does not matter who teaches it to them they must be held accountable for their actions. There are trainer's who know how to work with dog's have been abused and trained to attack. My prayer's are with this innocent dog. There is a special place in hell for people who abuse animals of any kind. May tehy rot in hellllllllllllll!

Submitted by Anonymous | September 1 2011 |

Note: This is not the Alexandra Brandis that sells real estate in Georgia.

Submitted by Alexandra Brandis | June 24 2009 |

May these children get everything they deserve in life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous | June 25 2009 |

No, the dog shouldn't be killed! He was egged on by his family. The kids need to be taught a lesson, they were abusing him. How is that the dog's fault?

Submitted by Anonymous | June 25 2009 |

This is just wrong!! Everyone should have to go through a rigourous screening process to own any kind of pet to ensure this type of abuse does not occur. If only we could adopt a similar screening process to have children!

Submitted by April | June 26 2009 |

These are not "children" they knew what they were doing and should all be held responsible for their actions. They should be punished as this is only the beginning of violent behavior. Has anyone tried contacting Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to ask if they can help? They are a last resort shelter for unwanted and unadobtable animals.

I hope this sweet dog doesn't have to pay the price for the carelessness and negligence of the parents of those responsible.

Submitted by Kathy Konetzka-Close | June 26 2009 |

I read this blog when it was first posted, and it upset me so badly I couldn't respond. I was just speechless. There's so much that's "wrong" about this story, and the poor dog is as much a victim as I'm sure the other family members are who live in that home, because those kids didn't learn that behavior in a vacuum. Snaps needs a thorough physical and psychological evaluation and then, he needs a break from the judicial system so if possible, a caring home can be found for him. He certainly doesn't deserve to be euthanized without being given a chance for rehabilitation. Next, the kids need to be removed from the home and the entire family needs a thorough physical and psychological evalution because something is just not right. Demonizing these children without more information is unfair, even though it's a gut reaction I also had. There's just got to be more to this story; and I am very fearful that these kids may be beyond redemption. I hope I'm wrong.

Submitted by Anonymous | June 26 2009 |

This is a sad commentary of a much more serious issue with our society today. As a nation, we seem to be raising a generation of narcissitic sociopaths. I certainly hope child welfare investigates the home situations of these kids. And I pray Snaps is rescued by an organization who knows how to work with abused pits.

Submitted by The Little Pack | June 27 2009 |

This story breaks my heart in so many ways. What these children did is inexcusable. Yet for them to act this way is more than a cry for help. Whether the underlying issue is untreated mental illness, or horrific abuse and neglect, this incident demands action. Yes, these children need consequences, however, I also believe the children need to be evaluated and subjected to intense therapy. I hope that Snaps is given a chance to be rehabilitated. He was provoked, this was not a spontaneous attack.

Submitted by Deana | June 28 2009 |

This is absolutely disgusting. Those kids need a good whipping. They should be a juvenile center until they are old enough to go to jail for the rest of their lives. That sick behavior had to be learned from the parents, and they should be thrown in jail because their parenting skills are below lackluster. Even if they "were not there to see it happen", most children would not do such a thing if they were properly raised. Now that poor dog will likely die becuase those jackasses have no class or proper discipline. If it were up to me, I would have someone kick those kids repeately so they could see how it felt. I apologize for such a opiniated post, but abuse on animals makes me sick to my stomach. Those little monsters need to be taught a good lesson.

Submitted by Lana Schippers | June 29 2009 |

This is the reason why you should still be able to spank your kids! Kids have no respect for parents...elders, teachers, employers, animals...each other. We would have never acted this way growing up. Where were the parents of these idiots anyway? The lady and the dog are the victims....trust me, watch You Tube...it is full of kids being disgusting and mean...abusing, even setting animals on fire...just to get content for a stinking video...just so other stupid children and ADULTS can comment on their cruelty...It is a sad day honestly when this is the next generation to run our country...be the parents of our grand kids and they are part of our future.

Submitted by Anonymous | August 29 2009 |

Part of the problem is that these kids probably DO get the crap kicked out of them regularly. Children who are abused go on to be abusers, first of animals and then of people. Respect isn't earned through beating, not from animals or people. Maybe if these people took the time to parent and nurture their children, instead of beating and neglecting them, the children would show a little nurturing behavior toward others, as well. Children learn what they live, they aren't born this way, they're taught to act like this by adults, who were taught by their parents, breaking the cycle of violence crosses the species barrier.

Submitted by Angela | June 30 2009 |

I think the problem isn't that the kids needs the crap kicked out of them (which they do). The problem is that their parents obviously don't care and haven't been parenting them well in the first place, or they would never think something like this was okay. The parents should be on trial in this case, and those kids need a nice long stay in juvenile hall. This is the reason why stupid people shouldn't breed, and you should have to have a license to have kids.

Grrr. That poor dog.

Submitted by Anonymous | June 30 2009 |

I agree! I teach in California and parents expect me to parent their kids while they go and have more! After 8 years of watching this kind of behavior with little consequences, it has been hard not to become bitter. The best thing to do is learn from it and continue to fight for animal rights and punish those who inflict harm.

Submitted by Sabine | July 1 2009 |

This is proof yet again why I like all animals and only a select bunch of people..............
Poor Snaps - it's not he who should be punished ! Where is the justice in that ? These kids grow up to be criminals. First they torture pets and what's next ? It makes me shiver to think about.

Please watch: http://www.youtube.com/homeprojectDE?gl=DE

We are killing our planet. Animals and plants are our first victims and thus we are killing ourselves. These children are being raised into irresponsible adults. Their disrespect for living and breathing beings is frightening. What is even more frightening: The injustice that sourrounds us. If these children are our future I hope I don't grow too old !

Submitted by Catzrcool | July 1 2009 |

Heartwrenching indeed.

Submitted by Anonymous | July 2 2009 |

Can someone notify Best Friends Animal Society in Utah about this situation? I'm sure they would take Snaps in a heartbeat.

Submitted by RJ | July 2 2009 |

This is one of the saddest things I have ever heard. It grieves me that this dog is being punished for his reaction to being abused. I am stunned at the lack of compassion towards these children. If they have done this to an animal, this or worse has been done to them. They need counseling as well as the dog. I do hope the dog receives a stay of execution and that the children are are given the obvious psychiatric help that they need.

Submitted by Anonymous | July 2 2009 |

I think they need to hold the family accountable. The parents need to be slapped with a big fine and hopefully those samaritans will file suit. Maybe child welfare should get involved to see what is happening in the home. Its a shame about Snaps. Why can't the ASPCA get involved in saving Snap's life? As far as we know he wasn't a bad dog just abused and forced to hurt others. I hope some organization steps forward to intervene before Snap's is executed.

Submitted by Martha Chacon | July 2 2009 |

Once again a dog will pay with his life for the stupidity of so call "humans"! These ladies should hold the owners of Snaps accountable for their child's behavior. Notice that I wrote "owners", I have three wonderful dogs that I consider family...you don't own family...but I bet this idiots consider Snaps nothing but a "thing" you own and abuse if you feel like it!
Poor Snaps, can any rescue group help?

Submitted by Marion | July 2 2009 |

Why should this dog be put down? Call Best Friends in Utah and they will take care of this poor pup. Look what they did for the "Vick" pits. Also, the ones who should be put down are the kids and their parents. This is totally reprehensible. This was not the dogs fault.

Submitted by erin | July 2 2009 |

This is absolutely disgusting! Snaps should NOT have to pay with his life for the stupidity, ignorance, and violence of humans. Firstly, if the Michael Vick trials have taught communities anything it is that dogs with a violent past can be rehabed and live a very fulfilling life. Secondly, these violent individuals need to be taught that this type of behavior is unacceptable. You can not treat another life, whether it be animal or human, in such a way. These individuals will never learn or comprehend the severity of their actions if they are only given a slap on the wrist. Furthermore, the parents need to be held acocuntable as well. Why weren't the parents watching their childern? Where did they learn this behavior? Of course we can blame tv, movies, and video games, however, this extreme behavior has been learned and influenced to some degree from their home environments.

An animal life is just as worthy as a human.

Submitted by Martha Rietta | July 3 2009 |

I don't think the dog should be put down, he should be rehabilitated.Those ignorant little scum bag, trailor trash kids, all should go to jail and their parents with them. Why is it that no one has to take responsiblity but this poor dog.

Submitted by Anonymous | July 4 2009 |

Snaps killed? What nonsense! Let the poor dog have a chance at a decent life amongst decent people, instead of being degraded by being reduced to a tool by cruel and vicious criminals.

Just about any dog would have reacted with fear and agression in such a situation. How could Snaps be assumed to be beyond recall? As to those so-called "children"....

Many thanks to both those courageous ladies who tried to help Snaps. They were brave people, good people, and they didn't turn their backs on an untenable situation.

Submitted by Laura | July 4 2009 |

I think in all animal abuse cases, an eye for an eye is a perfectly acceptable solution.

Submitted by erin | July 14 2009 |

I agree with you!!!

Submitted by Elaine Swarts | July 5 2009 |

Once again a pit bull will die because of human stupidity. The parents should be charged with the felony assult as well. Aren't parents responible for the actions of their children. Until parents are made accountable for the acts of their minor children and their failure to teach them the difference from right and wrong they will continue to sit on their butts and cry where did I go wrong! Take the children away from the abusive, neglectful parents and make the parents pay for damage their children do. Those children need to pay for what they have done. If the parents can't or won't raise the children then maybe the court system should.

Snaps, I'm sorry you were forced to do something you didn't want to do, that you knew was wrong. I'm sorry you will give your life for worthless humans, who didn't know how wonderful you really are. The two ladies who tried to help you are good and brave people. They are the kind of people who would have loved and appreciated you. I pray they know you didn't want to hurt them, but were only doing what your worthless master made you do. Rest in peace little man your pain and suffering is over. You are going to a place where people will love you.

Submitted by Cheryl Janus | July 10 2009 |

Thank you for being so articulate. The "Pitties" here in Hawaii are also abused and made into ferocious animals. Many in the drug culture have more than one Pittie in their yard.
Again, thank you for taking Snap's side in such a touching manner.

Submitted by Nancy Bland | July 6 2009 |

I would like to second everything that Elaine Swartz has said. In addition I would like to point out that Snaps' case if far, far from being an isolated incident. It's happening everywhere, in every city and rural area across the nation. I work at an animal shelter and I see scarred, mean-tempered pit bulls come in at least once a week. We know what their history is just from looking at them. And they're just the tip of the iceberg, the few dogs who get loose and are picked up by Animal Control, or who are confiscated due to neglect or abuse that Animal Control finds out about. The problem is people, mean, ignorant people who think this is the way to treat a dog. Too many of them are trying to make a fighter out of a perfectly nice pit bull, one who could and should be a loved family member.

I also blame the media. Instead of always sensationalizing it (ad nauseum) when a pit bull bites someone, maybe the press could occasionally cover what's really behind the incident. What led up to the dog biting in the first place? Any dog will bite when it feels threatened. They can't talk, so they communicate in the only way they can.

Obviously Snaps felt threatened when those little heathens were kicking him. He probably knew from experience that the only way to make the kicking stop was to do what he was being told to do -- attack the women who were trying to help him. This poor dog has probably lived his whole life in fear. I see it every single day at the shelter.

The solution to this problem is for each and every one of us to stand up against animal abuse, in any and every way we can. God Bless those kind and brave women who tried to stand up for Snaps. Most of us will never find ourselves in that situation, but we can report suspected abuse or neglect in our own neighborhoods, support rescue organizations, and adopt from animal shelters. There is always something each of us can do. Put the phone number for your local animal control on your speed dial. There, that was easy... you just did something that could potentially save an animal's life.

It's too late for Snaps. His fate was sealed by his cruel owners. But maybe we can save the next one, or the next one after that one. We should never stop trying.

Submitted by LT | July 7 2009 |

Mandatory sterilization for those teens! Don't let them breed.

Submitted by Gayle Cousineau | July 7 2009 |

I am so saddened by this whole thing. As a dog trainer/behaviorist and most of all lover and advocate for Pit Bulls, I do not think that putting Snap down is the answer. I see there is now a group to save him.

I adopted a Pit Bull who has been horribly abused and another who was believed to be a bait dog in a fighting ring. They were both the most loving, wonderful dogs. They needed a calm, consistent, supportive environment to become the dogs they were inside prior to the abuse.

I think of the Michael Vick(tory) dogs at Best Friends and how amazing the dogs are all doing now. I feel for the children as they are obviously the product of their environment. They need a consequence and therapy to understand what they have done.

Living in California, I am well aware of the breed specific legislation that we animal advocates seek to change. We are the voice for the dogs like Snaps.

Submitted by Bonnie Nickle | July 9 2009 |

Make Best Friends aware of situation. They were OUTSTANDING in
helping Michael Vicks victims. And yes, common sense tells you
that there is something TERRIBLY WRONG in that home. It will
only get worse.


Submitted by Cheryl Janus | July 10 2009 |

Another example of cruelty being both nature and nurture. I hope that something can be done to help this "Red Zone" dog. The dog's only sin was being in this family.
It is heart breaking.

Submitted by Pit Bull owner in CA | July 12 2009 |

I think the title is way off. You made it seem as though the dog was hurt on the wide of the road, then a good samaritan tried to help the dog, and bit the person.

That's not what happened.

Why the hell were these trolls beating this dog? Where are their parents? Their parents need to speak up for their poor excuses for children. And their poor excuse for parenting.

What a bunch of sick freaks.

No, the dog should not be punished. The story isn't about the dog biting - It should be about the dog BEING BEATEN BY CHILDREN. It's an abuse case.

Submitted by Dog lover | July 14 2009 |

Why isn't the SPCA being called to investigate this? It's despicable that people would treat a dog like that to begin with, and then to punish the dog for it is even worse. What is wrong with people?

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