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What’s In a (Middle) Name?
We've come a long way from Fido and Spike
Ginger Peach, Julia Ann and Desoto Leopold share a playful moment.

Does your dog have a middle name? All of my animals—even the cats—have one. It’s not something my husband or I planned. The middle names just came to be, easily rolling off of our tongues when faced with yet another destuffed animal or consumed counter treasure.

“Arrrgh, Darby Lynn! How could you chew a hole in my favorite fleece pullover?”
“Cricket Alexis! Oh, that naughty kitty. She TP’d the bathroom again!”
But the middle names are not exclusive to disaster zones. When our late Catahoula would lean into me, I’d gleefully sing, “De-SO-to Le-O-pold!” while scratching between his ears and at the base of his tail. It was one of my favorite, mushiest moments with the big guy.
Do you say your dog’s full name when he’s in trouble or being a love?



Julia Kamysz Lane, owner of Spot On K9 Sports and contributing editor at The Bark, is the author of multiple New Orleans travel guides, including Frommer’s New Orleans Day by Day (3rd Edition). Her work has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Poets and Writers and Publishers Weekly.

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Submitted by Anonymous | February 25 2011 |

Michael Jaxon moonwalking thriller

Submitted by Anonymous | February 25 2011 |

Tod Owen and Roxy Lani

Submitted by Anonymous | February 25 2011 |

How wonderful to see I'm not the only one giving my dogs a middle name. My boy Willi is William Joseph and my girl is Kelli Anne.
Both are English setters and are my best friends.
Thank you for sharing.

Submitted by Annie | February 25 2011 |

All of my dogs have middle names, and a couple of them even have last names (like my deaf and blind French Bulldog named Helen Keller). One of my Boston Terriers, Lola May, is used to hearing her middle name only when she is in trouble, like when I have to say, "LOLA MAY! NO! Don't eat mommy's flash drive containing all 80 pages of her master's thesis!" Or "LOLA MAY! NO! Don't eat the cushions of my new loveseat!"

Submitted by Marilyn Hughes | February 25 2011 |

My Border Collie mix is Madison Hope Hughes. I named her when she was 5 months old and gravely ill. She came out of the city's kill shelter into a rescue that I run and she had parvo virus. I named her when she was fighting for her life at a local vet clinic. That is why her middle name is HOPE. And yes I use her middle name both when she is in trouble and when she is my love.... in fact I use it a lot. She is 'Madison Hope' OR we call her by her nickname 'Maddie'

Submitted by psvogt | February 25 2011 |

So she ended up in your pack? Or is she still available in rescue? Just curious. I have a "foster" dog that's a border collie and she may be my "foster failure" or adoption success depending on how you look at it! Cute name.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 25 2011 |

Lizzie Beth and Gracie Lynn......hahaha

Submitted by Terri | February 25 2011 |

I call him Jasper Ulysses every time he's naughty -- but he's NEVER really all that naughty! He's a sweet retired racing greyhound and Ulysses was his racing name.

Submitted by Janice | February 25 2011 |

My husbands middle name is Joe, so all of our dogs have the middle name of Joe as a family joke. Even Katie is Katie Jo!

Submitted by Anonymous | February 25 2011 |

most of my cats have had the same middle and last name -- p. cat (as in pussy cat) -- so gracie, in times appropriate for a longer rolling-off-the-tongue name became gracelyn p. cat. duncan and spenser followed suit but it just didn't seem to work for salem, coco or jet. my new pup, tho, has now gone from molly, to, on occasion, molly bean.

Submitted by Heather | February 25 2011 |

I use their full names most of the time; I tend to stretch the name out when they are in "trouble".

Submitted by Jeff Williamson | February 25 2011 |

our Springer Spaniel is Cooper Gorgonzola - he is the third in a line of spaniels named alphabetically (Abby, Bailey, Cooper) and on the 3 hour drive to the breeders home, we brainstormed C names in the car. Proceeding by category, we named quite a few Cheeses (Cheddar, Camembert) but none seem to fit and as a joke, I mentioned that a few more dogs might result in a Gorgonzola and it stuck! It's official on his papers and we always joked that Cooper's evil twin Gorgonzola did all the naughty puppy tricks during his 1st year. We shorten it to Cooper G nowadays, but it has stuck around for the nine years he's been around.

Submitted by Alex | February 25 2011 |

Our two Pitties have more than just middle names, they have their "proper names" that were the inspiration for their everyday names. Our boy goes by Mac most of the time but when I'm singing to him when he's a good boy it's Macaroni Stromboli Ravioli. Macaroni when he's naughty. He even has a theme song. :P
And our little girl is Macy Magnolia Honeysuckle Rose. Macy Mae when she's naughty.

Submitted by debi | February 25 2011 |

great dane=duke duroo, schnauzer=banyan bananarammers, std poodle=ace azerlymay. all are dorky but we always smile when saying them ☺

Submitted by Anonymous | February 25 2011 |

Nine years ago I chose a name for my black lab that was unique. It was a name I rarely heard for a dog. Now I hear it all of the time. Her name is Bella Luna (translation: beautiful moon)

Submitted by Janel | February 25 2011 |

My kittie, Winnie, gets "Winchester Davis" when she's naughty or just a low, drawn out "Wiiinniiieee.....", and my other kittie is too old to do anything wrong, so, no, never used - or given them - middle names. Never even thought of it! They also get the occassional "Little Missy" just like my mom used to do with me (and sometimes still does! (she thinks it's cute, lol)) I guess it's never too late to give them middle names, just for the cuteness of it! :)

Submitted by Anonymous | February 26 2011 |

Um, yes. Percival Fontaine Barksdale Brandt! That hard drive isn't food!

Submitted by Anonymous | February 26 2011 |

My dog has a middle name and I DO use it when she's being a pill (i.e. when she's tugging me in the direction opposite from where I want to go)--so the sounds of "Sugar Lorraine, Full of Disdain!" can be heard as I'm grumpily allowing her to walk me where she wants to go (there's no power struggle here, folks).

Submitted by Rabbithead | February 26 2011 |

Tootsie Roll Otto Plouhound Hughes ... cairn mix
Tippy Marie Hughes ... daschund/chihuahua mix
Jeep Jeepster Baby Dog Hughes ... labbish mix

Submitted by Kira | February 28 2011 |

YES! Harley David (boston terrier), david after my dad, not the motorcycle... Ponette Juliette (cat), Toby Brian (cat)(brian was his name at the spca), Howard Smokey (cat)(smokey was his name before i adopted him)

Submitted by Anonymous | February 28 2011 |

I use my pet's middle names all the time! My dog is Eisley Boone and her "little brother" is a cat named Sir Henry Gaylord (and yes.... we say his full name!)

Submitted by Friend of the V... | March 5 2011 |

Middle names--of course!
Peca Lou and Harley Boo. :-)

(I wonder what they call me??)


Submitted by Ms. Kelly | March 5 2011 |

My shelter dog was given the name Addie Rose. She is named after my two grandmas. I love telling the story of her name and how we adopted each other. She is a whoodle: wheaten terrier/miniature poodle. Since we are so attached I call her a whoodelly (my name is Kelly).

Submitted by Anonymous | October 4 2011 |

They all get middle names:

Molly Josephine (Molly)
William Remington (Remington)
Penelope Ping (Ping)
Bella Louise (Bella)
Augustus McCray (Gus)

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