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Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Favorite Shelter or Rescue
Winner of free private screening of Hotel for Dogs to be announced soon

(Update: Thanks to everyone who nominated a deserving shelter and rescue organization. It's been inspiring to hear about all the wonderful efforts to help companion animals around the country. The contest is now closed to entries. We'll announce the winner of the Hotel for Dogs screening soon.)

Thanks In the new movie Hotel for Dogs, a couple of street-smart siblings in a foster home with a strict no-pets policy hide a feisty Jack Russell Terrier in an abandoned hotel. With the help of a few friends, they are soon providing love and shelter to a motley assortment of city strays, keeping them happy, healthy and well fed with some truly ingenious inventions. (Go behind the scenes with Alysia Gray Painter in the Jan/Feb '09 issue.)

While vending machines that spit out shoes for chewers and automatic ball launchers aren’t available in most shelters or foster homes, Hotel for Dogs celebrates something very real—the heart, hard work and creativity behind every successful rescue effort. That’s what Bark loves about this movie, and why we’re thrilled to share it with folks who know all about fighting the good fight for dogs.

In partnership with Bark, Paramount Pictures is offering a free private screening of Hotel for Dogs to a shelter organization or rescue group (and its choice of employees, volunteers and supporters) at a local movie theater. From humane societies to small grass-roots networks, all are welcome. Entries should be posted as comments below,  so that we can all read about these inspiring programs to help homeless companion animals.

HOW TO ENTER: Nominate your favorite shelter or rescue in 100 words or less as a comment below by February 15, 2009. No phone calls. A winning organization will be selected at random from all qualified nominations and announced on TheBark.com. Please note: Multiple entries from the same address or duplicate entries will be disqualified. Screening can be held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, excluding holidays, in a 200-seat theater. Theater location based upon availability.

Important fine print: This film is rated PG. All federal, state and local regulations apply. A recipient of prizes assumes any and all risks related to use of prizes and accepts any restrictions required by prize provider. Paramount Pictures, Terry Hines and Associates, Bark Magazine and their affiliates accept no responsibility or liability in connection with any loss or accident incurred in connection with use of a prize. Prizes cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash, in whole or in part. We are not responsible if, for any reason, winner is unable to use his/her prizes in whole or in part. Not responsible for lost, delayed or misdirected entries. All federal and local taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary. Participating sponsors their employees and family members and their agencies are not eligible.


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Submitted by The Ross Family | January 2 2009 |

We are the Ross Family. We have one rescue mutt (Foster), a Boston Terrier (Miss Biggsby) and a Chihuahua (Friday). We love animals. For Jonathan and Elisbeth's birthday party one year they asked instead of gifts that folks bring something for a local rescue group...Little Victories. Little Victories Animal Rescue Group is great...and they need alot of money. Please check out their site and please consider them as your winner. www.littlevictories.org


The Ross Family
Jim, Jill, Jonathan (11) and Elisabeth (8)

Submitted by The Kaplan Family | January 3 2009 |

We are the happy owners of Bella Reena, a maybe six year old JRT. She came into our lives from a Russell Refuge when she was about three years. Her litter was adopted very quickly, but after 17 years with our last Jack (Rascal) we wanted an older dog. Bella works as a reading therapy dog in an elementay school where she is loved by all. We want to nominate Dale Mountain and the Russell Refuge of Rhinebeck, New York (even though Bella now lives in Colorado with us).
Judy and Hank Kaplan

Submitted by Tiffani | January 3 2009 |

My family consists of myself, my husband Tim, my daughter Kiera(14), my dogs Milkshake(10 year old Border Collie mix) & Daisy (4year old Yorkie mix), and my cats George(5), Neffie(6), and Cooper (1&1/2). The cats are all mutts too! I would like to nominate our local humane society( The Humane Society of the Harrisbiurg area in PA). They are full to the max with homeless pets. They currently have them up and down all of the hallways and in all of the offices. They even take in bunnies, rats, and parrots too. My daughter attended their summer camp program three years in a row and she can attest to the hard work these volunteers do evey day. When we were adopting our cat last summer there was an incident with a man provoking a dog. All of the volunteers stood up to the man and forced him to leave. They were very brave in what could have been a dangerous situation.

Submitted by MELINDA SMITH | January 3 2009 |

I work with a wonderful rescue in Irvine,CA. Coastal German Shepherd RESCUE. We rescue German Shepherds mainly but as you can guess, if you send most of us to a shelter to pick up a dog, we usually come home with 2 or 3 dogs. And not always GSD!! We have a history of pulling Dachshunds, 3 legged Rotties, Dalmations, Huskys, and well just about anything that pulls at our heartstrings. We have taken some dogs with severe medical problems....i.e. Faith that needed complete reconstruction of both hind legs, Gideon that was found with his skin gone from his side and infested with maggots due to a hit and run, and Benson who needed not one but two total hips!! This year alone we took in at least, 5 Moms with pups and made sure they all had healthy happy lives and Mom did too....after being spayed of course!!So, it would be nice to have a night out to relax and watch a great movie on our favorite subject....DOGS!!!! Thank you and check out our website Coastalgsr.org

Submitted by Melissa | January 3 2009 |

I nominate the PAWS shelter in Anna, IL. It is where I adopted my best friend Luna. They are a no-kill shelter, and operate on a shoe-string budget. Anna is a very small town, and they provide a badly-needed service there.

There are so many shelters that could use some extra money- I hope they will do more than one screening!

Submitted by Stef Strosky | January 3 2009 |

I would like to nominate the Buffalo Humane Shelter of Buffalo, NY. This is a small shelter that is always in need of funds and volunteers. Like many shelters they are over run with animals that need good homes. I personally have rescued one dog from there, but wish I was able to do so much more to help everyone there. I feel that winning this screening would help people notice this small shelter as it is overshadowed by the new and improved facilities of the Erie County ASPCA main shelter.

Submitted by Mary | January 4 2009 |

I would like to nominate the RAINBOW ANIMAL RESCUE INC. of Norfolk Virginia. Their motto is to rescue and save one dog at a time. They work out of their home and depend on fosters to help with animals. Rainbow is very big on rescuing older animals. Their animals are vetted up immediately with no question to cost and work hard to find deals for what an animal needs! They take in all animals and addres their needs with lots of love. Thank you for this opportunity. it would be nice if you were able to have more than one screening.

Submitted by Anonymous | January 4 2009 |

I nominate the Hearing Dog Program of San Francisco.
They rescue unwanted dogs from shelters all over California and train them to be Hearing Dogs for deaf/hard of hearing people...which changes the lives of both the dogs and the people!


Submitted by Paul Hoogenboom | January 4 2009 |

The Humane Society of Greater Akron (HSGA), Ohio is in desperate need of a new facility. Much progress has been made in the last 3 years to improve operations, acquire land, and get required permits. Small problem: raising capital in today's economy seems insurmountable. An HSGA-hosted Hotel for Dogs showing would be such a lucky break for an organization that so very much needs one, a special opportunity to share it's story with the community it serves. As an additional personal plea, until this new facility is built the love of my life thinks our house is a solution to the current facility woes. If another dog comes to live with us either we need a bigger bed or there is no longer room for both of us in it! Please help. (...and then there are the cats...like I said, help!)

p.s. Why limit such a terrific event to only one deserving entry when they are all so very deserving? Why not have a special opening night event for every community / organization that wants to host one? It can happen.

Submitted by Angela Schuch | January 5 2009 |

I'd like to nominate the Humane Society for Hamilton County, Indiana.(http://www.hamiltonhumane.com/)
Run primarily by volunteers, this humane society has a great percentage of placing pets with loving homes. But they are always over capacity.
I adopted my dog from them last year, and she has definitely changed my life for the better. Because of the incredible impact my dog has had on my life, I decided to give back by volunteering at the humane society as well. I can't adopt them all, but helping out in a small way means a huge difference in the life of each animal.

Submitted by Deb Nelson | January 5 2009 |

I would like to nominate Northwoods Humane Society of Wyoming, MN. While many other local shelters are closing, they struggle to continue their work in tough financial times. So many pets are being surrendered or abandoned, and for many this shelter is the only remaining option.

Submitted by dog boarding ne... | January 5 2009 |

We would like to recommend Animal Haven Shelter!

Submitted by Lindsey Reece | January 5 2009 |

I nominate SmallDog Rescue & Humane Society. Located in Atlanta, Georgia. I volunteer with this rescue, and we are a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization who rely on families to adopt one of our dogs. We only adopt in the Metro-Atlanta area.

Submitted by David PEkrol | January 5 2009 |

I would like to nominate Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends in the beautiful San Jacinto mountains above Palm SPrings, CA.
This organization is run solely by volunteers -no paid employees. It was started 14 years ago by one lone woman named Jane Stonehill who saw a need and came to the rescue (no pun intended).
ARF is a no-kill rescue organization run mostly by donations from like minded citizens of our mountain town.
The organization takes in all types of animals and fosters them to homes of our volunteers. They spay and neuter them , give vaccinations , etc to get them back to supreme health before adopting them out. Spay/neuter is their main goal in this age of unwanted births.
They bring a vet up here once a month to help those who can not travel for vet care. They will also take the animal to the vet in an emergency if the owner can't bring them themselves (mostly the elderly).They also will bear the cost of the vet care if someone cannot afford it. The animals always come first, no questions asked and no one is made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by their inability to pay.

Temporary foster homes are also found if someone needs to enter the hospital or just needs time to get well again. There is no charge for this. Our community looks out for each other.

ARF office operates out of an old cabin of approx 600 sq ft. Most of the time there are cats sprawled out or roaming for a hug or rub while waiting to be adopted. They do not have a kennel and operate solely with foster homes.

Submitted by David PEkrol | January 6 2009 |

I meant to mention they are a 501(c)3 non profit organization as well.

Submitted by Hella Grams | January 5 2009 |

I would like to recommend the Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan, a 501-C3 non-profit organization. We do not receive funding from any government agencies and rely solely on donations from the community. Our organization exists to provide shelter and care to sick, homeless, abused and unwanted animals. It is our goal to provide good homes for all these precious animals.

We strive to accomplish this goal in one of the worst economies in the US through the efforts of a small dedicated staff and an enthusiastic, committed volunteer base.

Submitted by Barbara Masi | January 5 2009 |

Greyhound Pets of America FL / SE Coast Chapter would like to win the contest to assist us with awareness of these magnificent animals for adoption once their racing career is over. There is such a need for homes as we have very restrictive condo and homeowner association rules that don't allow the larger dogs such as Greyhounds -- if they only knew how peaceful and quiet these couch potatoes are when they find their forever homes -- then we would be able to place more dogs. We need awareness -- donations and adoptions. Greyhoundpetsfl.org

Submitted by Robyn Fedor | January 5 2009 |

I nominate the Humane Society of SW Michigan. It is a 501-C3 non-profit organization, funded only by donations from the community. Because of their location, more than 50% of the dogs they take in are Pit Bulls and Pit/Terrier Mixes making it difficult to find appropriate and enthusiastic adopters. The staff and volunteers work very hard to find a home for every dog and cat and to ensure that each pet's transition into their forever home is successful. They also work tirelessly to encourage spaying/neutering. Three cheers for HSSWM!

Submitted by Kelly Dally | January 5 2009 |

I would like to nominate Northwest Animal Companions in Boise, Idaho. Their vision is that every animal is treated responsibly with compassion and respect, and that society no longer accepts euthanasia as a form of population control. They are working very hard to start construction on a no-kill animal sanctuary that will include education, spay and neuter services, and adoptions.

Submitted by Kelley Lynch | January 6 2009 |

I would like to enter the Humane Society of SW Michigan for the screening prize. This is a wonderful organization that is not funded by the government or tax dollars. We are a mostly volunteer organization that is made up of a team of true animal lover. The few paid staff members are the most giving people in the world. They go above and beyond to help re-home these pets as well as provide medical care and a clean, safe environment. Our shelter is an older one, but we make it work for the good of the animals.

Submitted by Chris L'Abbé | January 6 2009 |

Coastal Maine Great Dane Rescue is located in Topsham, Maine. CMGDR was started by a very dedicated husband and wife who are passionate about saving Great Danes who are abandoned, abused, or just need a new home. They started from scratch, grew the organization and have saved over 2 dozen dogs. The organization is just over a year old. The couple researches all the information they can get on the incoming dog. They make home visits to make sure the new home is a match before the dog is placed. Currently they have 4 great danes~all rescue dogs at their home. The dogs are in a great home and all the dogs they have are spoiled! I can't think of a better organization to be honored. I am truly inspired by the work they do with the animals. Good luck Coastal Great Dane Rescue!

Submitted by Brenda VanLunen | January 6 2009 |

My favorite shelter is the SPCA of Wake County (NC) because that's where we got our puppy Dixie, the singing hound dog.

Submitted by Janis | January 6 2009 |

Sheltered Paws of Cincinnati, OH (http://www.shelteredpaws.com/), an all-volunteer organization, goes that extra step so many dogs need: it rescues dogs from the local SPCA and takes all the time needed to find these animals loving homes. Many dogs are given long stretches of foster care to keep them safe, and dogs are placed locally, or nationwide, through the Petfinder network. I know from personal experience that it's often just a matter of great timing to find that dog who steals one's heart, and Sheltered Paws makes sure these dogs are at the right place until the right time.

Submitted by Meggan Holzer | January 6 2009 |

I would like to nominate the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society. This group of amazing people works tirelessly for the animals of Las Vegas.

Submitted by Michelle Mullins | January 6 2009 |

The Richmond S.P.C.A. is a stellar facility. The educational opportunites they offer the staff, volunteers and community in the areas of animal care, behavior and training are invaluable in saving the lives of animals in the Richmond, VA area. They go beyond providing the medical care and clean facility and provide the love and affection the animals so desperately need.

Submitted by PJ Niemeyer & M... | January 6 2009 |

We would like to nominate the Animal Friends Rescue Project located in Pacific Grove, California. They have an extensive network of volunteer foster homes to take in animals at the request of animal shelters that have not been able to adopt them out due to age, medical issues, personality issues, space constraints or random acts of nature such as hurricanes. They have a lifetime commitment to ANY animal that comes into their care until they are adopted. They do not put animals down because they have been with them too long or need medical attention. The AFRP is also committed to education with regards to spaying and neutering animals as well as running a feral cat program. In ten years they have over 10,000 adoptions and counting...that says it all!! We should know; two of those adoptions are ours'!

Submitted by Keith & Marybet... | January 6 2009 |

We nominate ** Mackenzie's Animal Sanctuary **
(Mackinac says "woof")
Nestled in Lake Odessa, Michigan - Mackenzie's is a TRUE Sanctuary,
(no kill) Dog rescue - that supports, and gets support, from the
Grand Rapids Griffins hockey team! The pride of HockeyTown West!

Submitted by Joyce | January 6 2009 |

I have been a volunteer with ARNI www.thearnifoundation.org since 2000. I am just amazed at the dedication and love that has helped keep ARNI running. Even after they had to leave one location and through many trying times of raising monies to begin building the sanctuary that is scheduled to open this year. During that time they still continued to rescue animals in need from euthanasia and cruel living conditions. When there was no facility to house the animals, there were caring people that fostered them and helped find them forever homes. Now, soon the sanctuary that we have waited so long for, will be ready. I feel this would be such a happy occasion to have a special screening for "Hotel for Dogs" for everyone that has help ARNI come a reality. I feel, that ARNI has, in fact, started as a 'hotel for animals' from that first day I walked in their door with boxes of old towels and blankets for them to use, when I read of their need in the Daytona News Journal in 2000. Please consider ARNI for a screening. I know everyone would be so happy and proud.
Joyce M. Aycock
5939 Brandon Lane
Port Orange FL 32127

Submitted by Michelee Unger | January 6 2009 |

I would like to nominate The Beltrami Humane Society (http://www.beltramihumane.com/)located in Bemidji, MN. They work very hard to rescue and find loving homes for abandoned animals of northern Minnesota. They are a NO KILL shelter and they are where I found my precious dog, Chopper. They struggle with funds, and we the people of Bemidji step up and help out whenever possible. They sponser lots of activites for awareness and donations. THEY ROCK!
Michelee Unger
Bemidji, MN

Submitted by Anonymous | January 6 2009 |

I proudly nominate Animal Rescue Foundation located in Mobile, Al. website: animalrescuefoundationmobile.org. This a dedicated all breed, no-kill , all volunteer rescue . They take in animal other rescues deem not placeable: the seniors, dogs with manage, pit bulls, ones no teeth, skin problems, get them the medical attention they need and find them forever homes.

Submitted by Kelly Tamerlano | January 7 2009 |

I want to nominate Animal Care & Control of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County http://www.charmeck.org/Departments/Animal+Control/Home.htm. Last December my husband and I first heard all about Animal Control when we adopted our one dog, Mandy from there. Since then, I have also become a volunteer and it is the most rewarding thing that I do. In addition to running the shelter, Animal Control is very involved in the community, running a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, free rabies clinic, microchip clinics, and many more.

Submitted by Melanie Hazzard | January 7 2009 |

I would like to nominate Buck's Peace, a miniature pinscher rescue and assisted living facility for elderly, abandoned and abused min pins who have been deemed unadoptable by shelters and other rescue groups. My husband and I started Buck's Peace and it is still a registered LLC in the State of Maryland. We recently loaded up the trucks and relocated to Maine where we have adequate space to continue our plight to save these dogs. The Dogs of Buck's Peace are loving their new home, and we are starting fund raising efforts here in Maine in order to be able to continue functioning as a rescue and sanctuary.

Submitted by Kathleen Jasnoch | January 7 2009 |

I would like to nominate the Rice County Humane Society in Faribault, Minnesota in this contest. We are an open door shelter and have a tiresless staff and volunteers who help serve the homeless animals of our area. New fundraising ideas are always welcome, and this one would be fantastic. We are all working towards the same goal, of protecting and sheltering those who cannont speak for themselves. Thank you for your consideration. Kathleen Jasnoch

Submitted by Razzle Dazzle D... | January 7 2009 |

We would like to enter Meals Fur Pets in Woodstock, Georgia. We collect donations for this wonderful not for profit organization and work first hand with the Executive Director. We would love to win this form Meals and have a donation the night of the screening. Our donations in 2008 were good BUT we certainly need more in 2009. Meals distributes food and other items not affordable to many families in need. We truly care and want to help these families and their pets!

Submitted by Anonymous | January 7 2009 |

I nominate the Humane Society of Missouri located in St. Louis, Missouri. Not only do they help your pets, but they help you as well. My grandma recently had her dog put to sleep at the human society before she went out of town. The humane society were so kind as to send her a card signed by many of the stsff and had her dog's paw prints on the card.

Submitted by Matt Feichter | January 7 2009 |

I would like to nominate the Angels for Animals shelter in Canfield, OH. We are fortunate enough to have a great facility, our own surgical facilities, and a vet on staff. But the doors would not open each day without the dedicated volunteers that keep the shelter functioning and the gracious donations from the community. Angels for Animals is a privately funded organization and receives no state or federal money. A contest like this is a great way to say thanks to all the volunteers and staff.

Submitted by Michelle Fulgham | January 7 2009 |

I would like to nominate Community Animal Rescue & Adoption - CARA in Jackson, MS. http://www.carams.org
CARA was founded by several wonderful ladies who still devote nearly every breath to their vision & values of this true no-kill shelter. CARA, through daily obstacles, has grown to care for nearly 400 animals waiting to be a special part of a forever happy home.

Submitted by David Shepard | January 7 2009 |

I would like to nominate SNIPPP (Spay/Neuter Intermountain Pets and Pet Placement) in Burney, Shasta County, California. Burney is rural and scenic but an economically-depressed former logging town of 3,000 souls, with only one lumber mill remaining in operation. Many of our animals are from families who cannot afford to keep them, sometimes even losing their homes; SNIPPP has built a network of volunteer foster homes, and placed about 250 pets in forever homes during 2008, an amazing number considering the population base. SNIPPP raises funds to award vouchers to help defray spay/neuter costs, and pays the costs completely in cases of dire need and when animals are taken for adoption. SNIPPP also places signs, local TV spots and newspaper ads to reunite strayed animals with their owners. It's an all-volunteer organization of truly kind, caring and dedicated persons.

Submitted by Lea Turbert | January 8 2009 |

I would like to nominate the Montgomery Humane Society in Montgomery Alabama. The great employees and volunteers work diligently everyday to care for over 12,000 animals our shelter receives on an annual basis. Our volunteers will be on site at a local movie theatre on January 16th to promote the opening of this movie and all the programs and services the Montgomery Humane Society provides for our community. If we should win, it would be a great thank you for all of our employees and volunteers.

Submitted by Amy Taute | January 8 2009 |

Homeward Bound Pet Shelter, a no-kill facility in Decatur, IL, successfully places over 350 dogs and cats each year in loving homes. The committed staff and volunteers work tirelessly to offer quality care and a safe, loving environment for pets until good homes can be found. And to top it off, Homeward Bound provides job training and therapeutic programs for people with disabilities in the community! How inspiring and wonderful is that? Homeward Bound is definitely a unique, successful rescue effort that helps people and pets!

Submitted by Michael Pellet | January 8 2009 |

I wish to nominate HART for Animals, Inc. HART was founded in 2003 in order to save animals from euthanasia. Through a vast network of individual volunteers and rescue organizations, HART has rescued over 3,000 animals by transporting them to more populous locations where they have a greater chance of adoption. In view of the growing numbers of homeless animals, HART is conducting a fundraising campaign to build an animal adoption center with a spay and neuter clinic in Garrett County. HART is a 501 (c)(3) organization.

Submitted by Kyra | January 8 2009 |

I nominate Project Pooch, an organization that pairs boys in a youth correctional facility with otherwise unadoptable dogs. The boys care for and train the dogs all the way through their Canine Good Citizen test and then the dogs are adopted out. It's an amazing program that changes lives!

Submitted by Brenda VanLunen | January 8 2009 |

My favorite shelter is the SPCA of Wake County (NC), because that's where we got our puppy Dixie.

Submitted by Anonymous | January 8 2009 |

Norfolk Animal Care Center in Norfolk Virginia has undergone a complete makeover and is now a brigth, cheerul and very appealing shelter for homeless animals. The staff and volunteers are diligent in trying to adopt out as many dogs, cats, rabbits and other orphan animals as possible, and they nurture and respect the needs of each one. Each week the city runs a newspaper ad that features five pictures of current pets and urges local residents to adopt rather than buy a pet. The nacc.petfinder.com web site is an all-volunteer effort that presents bios with photos of every adoptable animal there and also encourages shelter adoptions. Norfolk Animal Care Center has become a source of pride and distinction for the city and I heartily nominate them as a deserving contender for a screening of "Hotel for Dogs"!

Submitted by Laurie Palmer | January 8 2009 |

I would like to nominate The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley in Knoxville Tennessee. My husband and I are volunteers for them. This organization is a small no kill adoption center with huge hearts for homeless animals. They take animals from surrounding kill shelters to save lives and find permanent loving homes for the abused, injured, starved and neglected. They feed, exercise, give medications, vaccinate, spay/neuter, microchip and most of all give love to all the canines and felines who enter their door. They also have a low cost spay/neuter and vaccine program. The HSTV rocks!!

Submitted by Jennifer Friend | January 8 2009 |

The Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (www.goldenrescue.com) based in Golden, Colorado is an all-volunteer organization that placed about 400 goldens in forever homes in 2008. Their volunteers are an amazing group who are always willing to take in foster dogs, drive to other states if necessary to pick up a homeless pet and spend countless hours helping to find the perfect forever home for the goldens. The wonderful volunteers deserve recognition for all that they do every day to help make needy dogs’ lives better.

Submitted by Wendy | January 8 2009 |

I would like to nominate Coastal Pet Rescue, a small network of foster families in Savannah, Georgia. I would like to be able to give something back to all of our volunteers who have selfishlessly given their time and sometimes blood, sweat and tears. 2008 proved to be hardest on the smallest, furry victims of the foreclosure crisis. We encountered countless starving, heart worm positive dogs and many, many dumped domestic cats. I would like to also express my appreciation for everyone that works and volunteers in the animal welfare realm!

Submitted by Jean Linman | January 9 2009 |

I nominate my city’s shelter, Norfolk Animal Care Center. This shelter houses all of the animals that are abandoned, lost, abused, and unwanted in Norfolk, Virginia. No animal is turned away. Of course, space is the issue worried about by concerned citizens and shelter employees. Considering that the same building has been used for years with few improvements, it is amazing that the animals are so well taken care of and loved…even if only for a moment. The shelter staff and volunteers are incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable. And yes, we indeed adopted a pit bull mix from the shelter.

Submitted by Sarah | January 9 2009 |

I would like to nominate the Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter in Dearborn MI(http://dearborn-animals.com/). I Volunteer there and I see how hard they work. They really care about the Animals, They are No-Kill meaning all Adoptable Animals are adopted out. They also Adopt out Pit bull/mixes while as many shelters in the area do not.

This shelter is great!

Submitted by Amber | January 9 2009 |

I would like to nominate the Dearborn Animal Shelter. I foster animals for the shelter as well as work there. All the animals seem to be as happy as they can be under the circumstances. We try to spoil and love them as much as possible until they find their forever home. Each one of them have a little piece of my heart. Every one of our animals gets a nice blanket to snuggle with and toys to play with in case they get bored. Occasionally they get kongs stuffed with canned food,peanut butter,and treats yummmm.