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2nd Annual Puppy Love Poetry Contest
Valentine’s Day 2012

Roses are red, Violets are blue. So many odes to your dogs, we had to pick a few!

We loved reading the dog poetry submitted to the Bark Puppy Love Poetry Contest on Facebook so much that we had a hard time selecting just one winner. So we finally decided on three winners!

Congratulations to Paula Mahon, Edie Houlihan Elting and Debra Ducotey for their winning entries below.


When from my work, I’ve reached home’s door

I see the dog whom I adore.

Chestnut eyes of meek devotion,

tail which wags in constant motion,

coarse long fur of brown, black, white,

mouth which smiles with great delight, 

I know exactly what you’d say,

“I’ve missed you, mom; now let’s go play.”

—Paula Mahon

Dear Karma,

Roses are red,
violets are blue;

I can’t imagine my life without you. 

—Edie Houlihan Elting

I Will Always Remember

Written in loving memory of Sasha, my “Yellow Mutt”

A visit to the shelter

I saw you behind that gate

You didn’t even realize

Your impending fate

The day I brought you home

So happy and running free

I knew at that moment

It was meant to be

Always by my side

Never letting me down

Staring at me to play

Eyes innocent and chestnut brown

Your soft golden fur

Those goofy-looking ears

Made me smile everyday

And all throughout the years

That visit to the doctor

I was in disbelief

Not realizing that day

I would experience so much grief

You never gave up

We fought the cancer together

There were times during that last year

I thought you would live forever

The worst day of my life

All I could do was cry

Your body weak and frail

It was time to say goodbye

I miss you so much

At times my heart aches

When I see your photos

A feeling of happiness and joy overtakes

So many special moments we shared

Memories that will never fade away

I will always remember

The rainbow I saw your last day

Love your guardian, your Mom

—Debra Ducotey

The contest ended February 14th, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST

This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 68: Jan/Feb 2012
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Submitted by Anonymous | February 19 2012 |

Everyone on FB is wondering when the winners will be announced??

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | February 20 2012 |

Winners will be announced sometime this week.

Submitted by Injured Poet | February 23 2012 |

Love the contest, and no I didn't enter so this isn't sour grapes...but geeze this isn't real poetry. Dogs can inspire good poetry too. I suggest that Bark publish some good poems about dogs. No sloppy writing and bad images/metaphors please. I call on real poets to enter...

Submitted by Suzanne Wright | February 23 2012 |

You dont have to be a poet to feel. Simply putting pen to paper to express a feeling about an animal is worth my time to read.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 23 2012 |

"The Bark" is a dog magazine, not a literary journal. :)

Submitted by Anonymous | February 24 2012 |

I love these. So ... heartfelt. In the spirit of Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing.

Submitted by Jennifer B | February 27 2012 |

Great choices! These are wonderful poems...
Congratulations to the winners!

Submitted by Beth | March 18 2012 |

Loved Paula Mahon's poem!

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