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Adopt Less Adoptable Pets
Make a special difference this week
Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week came too late for this adorable pup.

I adopted what qualified as “less adoptable pets”—middle-aged, black mutts. They’ve been, no surprise to most Bark readers, amazing companions. So I was thrilled to hear about PetFinder’s initiative—Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week (which started yesterday)—to bring dogs like mine together with loving, responsible families. The idea is that Petfinder member shelters and rescues nominate a special, hard-to-place companion animal for a little high-profile push. Meanwhile, we all make the effort to spread the word about these future star pals.

I went to peruse the gallery of specially designated pets and discovered Nicholas in the Ozarks, a dog who’d been dumped on the street and suffered intestinal trauma but managed to live a fairly normal, fairly pain-free life thanks to a special diet and a foster home. I clicked through the links to his profile, planning to do my part to get him the home he richly deserved, and discovered he “crossed the Rainbow Bridge” on September 15.
Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week came too late for Nicholas. But there are other dogs (and cats)—old, sick, injured, shy, reactive, or just breeds with bad reputations—who need special attention, patience. This is their week. Rest in peace, Nicholas.


Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by LAP Dog Rescue | September 21 2010 |

I've had Tanner for a few years now. He was originally adopted out by a very nice lady who worked from home. As wonderful as she was, Tanner was not happy. He was returned 6 months later. He's not a couch potato although he does enjoy his snuggle time. No, he wants a job. He's very attentive and always has his eye on his person. I truly believe he would make the most awesome agility dog or freestyle partner. He is not unique looking but still considered handsome. He's all of 40 lbs and has earned his nickname "Spider Dog" very easily. Tanner can escape any fence regardles of how high. He doesn't run off, he just enjoys going where he wants to go on my property which is where ever I go. Please contact me if you are interested in giving Tanner a home and a job! I am Lisa with LAP Dog Rescue in Waller.

Submitted by mollymadeit | October 4 2010 |

My business of putting dog's photos on pillows is donating a portion of proceeds to my local animal shelter! Check out how you can help by ordering a pillow at www.picapillow.com

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