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Aloha Laka: A Dog Lost and Found in Hawaii


I hung up the phone and went into the garage. Grabbing a hammer from the workbench, I went back into the house, picked up my keys and wallet, and walked toward the door. Kim knew where I was going. Three hours later, I pulled back into our driveway, the plywood sign in the bed of the truck. I tossed the sign into the trash can and went inside the house.

The four women in my life were on the couch, watching television. They all looked up at me: four pairs of eyes — three pairs dark and one pair blue. Three of the women wagged their tails and the fourth one smiled.



This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 61: Sept/Oct 2010
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Submitted by Lana | November 4 2010 |

Fascinating story! Its unfortunate your phone had no service leaving you without help. You should find reliable big island cell phone providers in case you're caught in a similar situation.

Submitted by Anonymous | November 23 2012 |

awesome. I shed tears.

Submitted by Carolyn | November 4 2010 |

Loved the story, especially the happy ending. Laka is one lucky girl.

Submitted by Hareiana | May 9 2011 |

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Submitted by Anonymous | May 28 2011 |

A beautifully told story of compassion and resiliance what a wonderful family to have cared enough to rescue this dog who surely would have died.

Submitted by Anonymoose | December 21 2011 |

Beautiful story of a rescue most others would have ignored. You were so right to tell the man that it wasn't his dog, and know that Aloha Laka would have a great and loving home for her life. Thank you and your wife!!

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