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Andy Murray’s Dogs Wear Medals
Reactions to the photo vary
Rusty and Maggie May wearing Andy Murray's Olympic medals

The photo of Andy Murray’s Border Terriers on Twitter wearing his Olympic medals has met with different reactions. Some found it quite endearing that Murray wanted his dogs to be a part of the sweetest victories of his life. (Competing in his home country, the tennis star won a gold medal in singles and a silver medal in mixed doubles in the London 2012 Olympics.) My reaction was in this category—kind of an “Aww, look at that” response.

Many other people consider the photo further evidence that tennis players don’t value the Olympics enough since there are other events in their sport that have long been more prestigious. Those with this perspective think that putting them on his dogs degrades the medals or shows that Murray doesn’t care about them. It’s hard to imagine he doesn’t care after seeing his emotional reaction to winning the gold medal, and I just don’t ever think that dogs degrade events, because I think they enhance them. The photo suggests to me that Murray values his dogs, rather than that he doesn’t value his Olympic medals.

Of course, among the worldwide audience are many people who don’t view dogs as favorably as I do, so the difference in perceptions is hardly surprising. What is your response to this photo?


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

photo of Maggie May and Rusty from MaggieMay/Twitter

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Submitted by Rayne | August 9 2012 |

Actually, that's the first thing I'd do with my gold medals. Haters goina' hate.

Submitted by Cortney | August 9 2012 |

I can't believe that others would think that he is degrading the Olympic medals. As a dog lover and as a person not into sports all that much, seeing an Olympic medalist showing his/her happiness for winning a medal by holding it up and showing the world isn't as much as an impact, BUT giving another person or animal the rare chance to wear a medal does! Not only does it show how humble he/she is to share their victory, but also shows the person in a whole new light and not just as an Olympic medalist.
More Olympic winners should be like this.

Submitted by Frances Gaeta | August 9 2012 |

SERIOUSLY?! I don't see how this "degrades" the medals - I think it actually humanizes the athlete more. I would have probably done the same thing Mr. Murray did, but then again I'm one of "those dog people"... :)Seriously, folks - lighten up and join the athletes in their celebration!

Submitted by Nina L. | August 9 2012 |

Really, do people have nothing better to do but gripe and be oversensitive? OK, as an animal lover I am biased, but I suspect Andy Murray sees his two border terriers as part of his family and was just "sharing" - a natural impulse. If he had placed the medals on children or his grandparents and they were wearing them in a photo would that be demeaning?
If he was selling the medals on e-bay, yes, that would be insulting but on Maggie May and Rusty - people get over yourselves and find the "aww' factor within!

Submitted by Mother of Borde... | August 9 2012 |

Love the photo. Love the Olympians. I can't imagine that Mr. Murray's intent was to show his disrespect for the Olympics.

Submitted by Anonymous | August 9 2012 |

To me I see he is sharing his success with ALL of his family;) This isn't a third world country- people need to wake up- to me this is normal- if you don't have a dog you should not get to comment- you'll just embarrass yourself...;)

Submitted by Jackie B. | August 9 2012 |

Gosh, I loved this photo and shared it on my Facebook page with the comment that it made me go from liking Andy Murray to loving him. Clearly the folks who think he is degrading his medals don't hold dogs in the same high regard that we do!

Submitted by dlw | August 9 2012 |

Awwww... how sweet!

Submitted by Dogs In The News | August 9 2012 |

I picked up my Paralympic Volunteer uniform yesterday, and the first thing I did when I got hime was put the hat on the dog. I'm not disrespectful of the Paralympics, Pepper just has a hat face! If I won a Gold medal, of course is put it on the dog!

Submitted by Anonymous | August 9 2012 |

Yay for him understanding the importance of those who matter in our lives....unconditionally!

Submitted by Anonymous | August 14 2012 |

HELLLLOOO!!!!!! (89 percent of the world adores canines!!!) They don't care if u achieve the ultimate OLYMPIC or any award!!! give them love like physical rubs, Period!!!!

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