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AshPoopie Promises to Transform Dog Waste
What will I do with my old newspaper bags?

It’s rare that I’m astonished by a dog product, but color me blown away by the AshPoopie. Now, I haven’t tested the AshPoopie—in fact, it hasn’t even hit the market yet but the idea, due out as a prototype from Paulee CleanTec early next year—sounds like a pretty awesome alternative to bagging waste in plastic and sending it to the landfill.

Here’s how it’s supposed to work (video demo below). You head out to walk your dog—or to clear landmines from the backyard—armed with your AshPoopie wand, which sort of looks like a long, sleek flashlight. Lower it over the offending pile, press a button in the handle and a pair of pincer-style scoops open at the other end. Press another button, the scoopers collect the mess—drawing it into a little blender-like container where it is mixed together with an incinerating mixture, and, voila, your dog’s waste is transformed into an odorless, sterile mound of ash.

I don’t see any mention of cost—for the wand or the incinerating cartridges. So I’m wondering: How much would you pay to never have to carry poop in a bag again?

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Frances | October 11 2011 |

Ummm - just how sticky and smelly does the picking up end get? And how well does it cope with those inevitable "hard to pick up" days (I won't go into details - every dog owner knows them!). I think it would take a lot to convince me - and it would have to fit in my pocket, too!

Submitted by Natasha | October 11 2011 |

I thought the same thing, Frances! Gracie's tend to get "difficult" during spring and fall - she has seasonal allergies that affect her. Not sure how it would work on that. And I don't need something else big and bulk to carry. Bags are small and light.

Submitted by JcGoodart | October 11 2011 |

I would say "priceless" if it truly does what it says and stays as clean as it says. However, I would have to be convinced. Perhaps give it a trial run for a while. I have 2 dogs plus I am a pet sitter, so I would have a lot of use for this product.

Submitted by Erica | October 11 2011 |

Looks to small to pick up Great Pyrenees poop! And even though we wouldn't have to pick up the poop, we'd still have to clean the gross pick up end, right? I thought it was like a torch or something and it incinerated the poop on the ground! I guess that could be a fire hazard though! I'll stick with scooping and using biodegradeable bags!

Submitted by Barabara | October 11 2011 |

I wonder how much it would hold...

Submitted by Anonymous | October 11 2011 |

A giant version that doubles as a walking stick seems like it would work better, for me anyway. I have a bernese mountain dog, I would have to pick his piles up in several scoops with a device that small.

Submitted by Anonymous | October 11 2011 |

I don't use baggies, I use fallen maple leaves to pick up the poop & throw it under the nearest cedar hedge (of which there are lots where we go & then nature does the rest.
Also the ubiquitous paper coffee cups that lie everywhere on our streets can be used, again the poop goes to fertilize a plant & the cup goes in the garbage. You're actually doing 2 good things at once !

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