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Bark Likes This: Glowdoggie
LED Collar

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing and the days are shorter—fall is here, and winter is right around the corner. This means two things: first, my dog Wally gets to bundle up in one of his many dapper sweaters; second, the sun sets well before we head out on our evening walk.

Walking after dark in my town is an adventure. The streets are dark and filled with drivers who cannot be bothered to watch out for a dark brown dog and his person. Needless to say, I was intrigued when the Glowdoggie™ LED lighted collar landed on my desk. Wally and I tried it out that very night.

Once I figured out how to turn it on (note: batteries down = on, batteries up = off), the Glowdoggie collar exceeded all of my expectations. The design is clean, the construction is top-notch and the LED lights are very bright. I feel infinitely safer during our evening walks now that Wally and I are highly visible to the drivers careening down the road. Plus, the collar is bright enough to double as a flashlight, making nighttime poop-scooping so much easier. Also worth noting: the collar is 100 percent waterproof, so it can be used in the wettest of weather or even on a midnight swim. The Glowdoggie LED collar is a must-have piece of winter dog-walking gear.

To purchase or to learn more about this great product, visit the Glowdoggie website at www.glowdoggie.com.

The Glowdoggie lighted collars are meant to be used in addition to your dog’s walking collar or harness. The collar is not designed to withstand any pulling force.

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Submitted by Frances | November 24 2011 |

This sounds excellent. I tried the Halo - I took it back when I found I simply couldn't switch it on (and nor could most of the people in the shop I bought it from). I then thought laterally, and bought a pair of children's cycling armbands - highly reflective, red flashing LED lights, elasticated to slip easily over their heads, and exactly the right size for toy dogs! This is the third winter on the first set of batteries - highly recommended, but you do need a flash light as well!

Submitted by Ellen | November 24 2011 |

My Lucy is a super star in the dark! All of friends are jealous of her glow collar and balls. Thanks Glowdoggie! I hope to share your products with Lucy's friends - she has at least three dozen :-)

Submitted by Zoey | November 24 2011 |

The idea is very exciting and I thought I'd find an answer to my problems with this LED collar, especially when my dogs like to run in the woods in the early evenings. The cost of these collars may be well deserved considering the technology employed, but for someone who has four large sight hounds, I'm afraid it's just too costly for the average dog owner in this economy. Lovely idea though.

Submitted by Genia | December 7 2011 |

I usually don't go out with my dog after dark as I have a lot of yard to let my dog run free. Thats why I don't see the pointM in LED collars. It looks kind of weird. Still it may be useful for all of those who have to walk their dogs in dark places.

Submitted by Sharon | October 24 2012 |

I want to know where my dogs are when running the yard at night. When the coyotes are active, I need to find my dogs and get them quickly. Sometimes finding that elusive chipmunk is more important than coming when called.

Submitted by Anonymous | December 18 2011 |

This looks like it would work well; however, it seems quite pricey, especially for the multi-dog household. I have been using these little clip-on lights for a couple of years now and I am very happy with them.


Submitted by Cat | September 24 2012 |

I'm so glad to see the rave about these collars, I've been looking for something like this for such a long time!! I have handmade different lighted-collar options for my dogs, using kid's light-up bands, clip-on cyclists' lights, etc., and they're all a huge pain in the arse because the little coin batteries last about two seconds and they're very pricey! I have to laugh when I see "Zoey's" comment about the price of these collars...an amazing development for dog safety (my #1 concern for my four-legged babies), like seat belts for children. You have the money for several dogs, but not the desire to spend more than a few bucks to keep them visible to cars and street-safe FOREVER? That's just sad. How lucky for you to have a big yard, but the rest of us "in this economy" don't have that luxury, and we get OUT with our dogs and WALK them along city streets and in parks. These collars seriously amaze me, and thanks for posting this nice little article about them : )

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