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Bark Rescue Wonder Dog: Charlotte
A once-shy shelter dog stars in her own short film
Rescue Wonder Dog Charlotte

When Lisa Marinaccio visited a shelter near her home in Los Angeles, she didn't feel an immediate connection with any of the dogs. That is, until she reached the last crate and locked eyes with Charlotte. Even though Charlotte was hiding in the corner of the crate—and even though the shelter volunteer warned her that Charlotte had been severely abused—Marinaccio knew she was the dog for her.


Charlotte was as fearful as the volunteer had warned, hiding under Marinaccio's bed for the first two weeks of their cohabitation. But through “baby steps,” Marinaccio brought Charlotte out of her shell (and out of the bedroom) and taught her to trust again. Nine years later, Charlotte is a sweet and loving companion—who has shown off some serious acting chops! Marinaccio wrote and directed “A Dog's Day Afternoon,” about a dog who lives a rich secret life while her owner is away at work. Watch the entire short film below and see what a wonderful actress this Rescue Wonder Dog is.

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Submitted by Pet Guardian of... | January 22 2011 |

Adorable dog, cute movie, loved it.

Submitted by Anonymous | January 22 2011 |

Charlotte looks so much like our Sally Sue, rescued from a shelter, and
one of the sweetest dogs we've had!
Glad Charlotte came out of her "shell". Cute film, but:
Off leash: hmmm, not safe however.

Submitted by Dogwild | January 22 2011 |

Great little film! Well done!

Submitted by Terry C | January 23 2011 |

Great little production! And dog

Submitted by Nancy | January 24 2011 |

This was very well done. I enjoyed it.

Submitted by Sue | January 24 2011 |

Great job by all! Charlotte is a lucky girl!!

Submitted by Patrick | January 29 2011 |

That was so nice

Submitted by psvogt | February 22 2011 |

Darling! Cute dog. Great rescue!

Submitted by Anonymous | January 26 2012 |

This is a beautiful story! What a gorgeous and talented dog!

Submitted by Anonymous | October 15 2012 |

I love this!

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