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Bone Regeneration: From Science Fiction to Fact



Swierk says the bionic jaw is doing its job. “He eats all his yummies as he did before.” In addition to munching kibble, caulif lower and chew sticks, he’s back to chewing and chasing balls and toys. Swierk isn’t surprised that their dog has bounced back, or that the new technology was available right when he needed it. “We never doubted for one minute that Whiskey would succeed with this new cutting-edge surgery.” It’s all part of Whiskey’s good nature, Swierk says.

“He’s led a charmed life.”



This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 72: Nov/Dec 2012
Sheila Pell is a journalist and contributor to The Bark.

Photography by Christina Gandolfo
Courtesy of the UC-Davis, photo by Gregory Urquiaga

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Submitted by Nancy | December 20 2012 |

Nice article! I'm so happy to read about Whiskey's success. My own dog was one of the 8 that had the BMP surgery. It was performed in July 2011, but for injury not cancer. She had a followup CT scan in October, and all is still great. What a great team of vets. Aren't we lucky to see such an improvement in the quality of life in our dogs!

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