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Boris Gustav


Today, his ashes, leash and collar will come into my hands. I would do anything to have him back the way he was when I left him two weeks ago but that just can’t be.

We know life is not fair, we know it’s tough and we know it throws punches when we’re not looking.  And we know that it can bring a grief so strong that there’s no way the arrow on our compass can stop from spinning, making us completely lost on the path we were taking. But we also know, and need to remember, that life can be kind and giving and bring unimaginable joy, and if we can just hold on a little longer, a new path will clear and we’ll find our way back.

There was always one way I could get Boris’s attention and that was to say “goodbye Boris.” No matter what he was doing or what he was chasing, he’d stop in his tracks and come running so that we wouldn’t be separated. So although the hardest thing for me to do will be to give him a final goodbye as I head out on my new path without him, I know in my heart and soul, he’ll always be right by my side.



Natasha Wieschenberg lives in Bedminster, N.J.
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Submitted by John Itri | July 18 2012 |

Hi Natasha: I'm your neighbor from across the yard(87 Ashley) and, have lately learned of Boris's demise, and feel greatly saddened by your loss; it was some time around Easter that he and my dog Rusty last saw one another, whom you remember from a puppy, when he first met Boris, they became friends, running into you both occasionally on the grounds here. I know how close you both were(he was a great dog!)and exactly what you're going through(it takes a long time), having recently lost not one, but two special friends, Snowy and Oliver. You have both Rusty's and mine, our deepest sympathy.

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