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Buried Treasure

The missing socks caper has been solved. This morning I was catching up on Spring weeding, when I spied a strange blue object peeking out from under the wet soil. Much to my delight it turned out to be one, of the many, socks that have gone missing recently. This one actually disappeared earlier in the morning as I was dressing for the dog walk—but came up minus one “Falke” hiking sock (a sturdy brand from Germany).  I thought that the culprit could be our little Charlie who, for a while, would sneak off with a sock and hide it in dog-bed cushions, or, at times, would simply sleep cuddled up with one. How sweet is that? So I looked in all the usual spots but came up with nada. Taking his finds outside and burying them is a new feat for my precious Terrier. Hopefully further weeding will unearth more socks, and, who knows, what else.

Beyond bones and balls, have your dogs ever buried stolen treasures? Would love to hear your stories! The photo, by the way, is a re-enactment that Charlie enjoyed posing for especially since I rewarded him by letting him carry the purloined sock back into the house.



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Submitted by Bella's Mommy | February 28 2013 |

I have yet to figure out how my Basenji mix decides what is important enough to bury like I can't figure out why some stuffed animals get de-stuffed and others don't. I had bought her a new stuffed, makes sounds when you squeeze it animal looking ball to replace one that she destroyed through play. Unfortunately I didn't keep an eye on her and before I realized she was out the door. The toy came up missing. I hunted through the backyard for raised piles of dirt in her usual place to bury things but couldn't find it. 5 months later I am pulling weeds in a flower bed in order to prepare it for planting and I see a little nose sticking up out of the dirt. I then dug up the furry ball. I also found a wrench of my husbands but surely she didn't do that. I took the ball in, let it dry out, and was able to knock all the dirt off. It didn't talk anymore but she loved it once again. This time it's demise was from being de-stuffed instead of being buried.

Submitted by From The Diary ... | February 28 2013 |

My elderly German Shep mix, Miss AR, loved to bury her rawhide treats in a planting bed next to the patio door. One day I rescued 2 Beagle girls and kept them overnight awaiting their owner's arrival. Before bedtime, I let the Beagles into the yard and kept Miss AR inside. After a few minutes, I heard Miss AR making this strange sort of half barking-half sobbing noise. You guessed it--those Beagles found Miss AR's buried treasure, dug it up, and ate it while she watched through the patio door. For a month after the Beagles went home, Miss AR kept watch by the patio door, making sure her yard was Beagle-free.

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