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Canine Behavior Type Index
A personality test for your dog
Dogs have different personalities.

Pet Connect offers an opportunity to learn more about your dog with a quiz that will reveal your dog’s personality. Personality types from the Canine Behavior Type Index have names such as Adventurer, Dreamer, Companion and Deputy. You can find out which category best matches your dog’s personality for free, but you have to pay a fee ($9.95 Australian) to receive the full 15-page report with details about traits, management, training and exercise information for your dog’s specific personality.

The quiz has 26 choices parts and each one asks you to choose between such phrases as:

My dog seems to be very diplomatic./My dog seems to be insensitive to others./My dog seems to shift between trying to please and being insensitive.

My dog is quite lazy./My dog is quite active.

My dog seems to be unassuming./My dog is a show off./ My dog seems to have a noble attitude.

Though I enjoyed the personality test, I didn’t take the results too seriously, or consider it overly scientific. This test claims to be the first ever, scientific dog personality test, but actually, there have been many scientific dog personality tests, some of which you can read about Psychology Professor Stanley Coren’s book, “Why Does My Dog Act That Way: A Complete Guide to Your Dog’s Personality.”


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Lisa | September 26 2011 |

I tried taking the quiz, but had a problem with the website.

I don't know if it's the way my browser is configured, but I made it to question 9 and then for some reason the next question was numbered "1". So I answered the next several questions, up to number 11, and once again, the next question was numbered "1".

Not sure what was wrong there.

Submitted by Lisa | September 26 2011 |

I tried taking the test on the website, but had a technical problem.

I'm not sure if its the way my browser is configured, but I took the first several questions up to number 9, and then the next question was numbered "1".

So I started again, and when I reached question number 11 (out of 26), again the next question was numbered "1".

Not sure what was wrong there.

Submitted by Fran | September 26 2011 |

Interesting as it was, I couldn't take the quiz--it kept returning to earlier questions at random and I finally gave up.

Submitted by Lisa | September 27 2011 |

The same thing happened to me yesterday.

I got as far as question number 9, then it returned to question 1.

I tried again and got as far as question 11, then it returned to question 1 once more.

I thought it was a problem with my browser possibly?

Submitted by Karen London | September 28 2011 |

Hmm, that's really frustrating. I'm not sure what's going on, but I can say that at first I couldn't take the quiz at all and had to download the most recent Adobe software. Then it went very smoothly. Anyone had any luck with this quiz?

Submitted by sheila | February 19 2014 |

i was really disappointed that the results of the quiz labeled my dog "alpha" and some of the questions asked how my dog responded to "discipline" as in punishment. the ideals behind this quiz seem to be based on archaic knowledge of training and behavior.

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