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Canine Bling Alert
Diamonds are a dog's best friend?

Friends of mine who don’t have dogs are always teasing me about the latest outrageous indulgence we “dog people” are up to—things like canine massages and dog-centered camps. And I patiently explain that while these may not be strictly essential to a happy, healthy life—they are probably welcome additions.

Then, along comes a $52,000 diamond dog collar. Like something Leona Helmsley would have had in every color of the rainbow, the diamond dog collar strikes me as well, excessive. (OK, I admit I like the fact a portion of the sale is donated to the North Shore Animal Shelter. If it’s like, say, $30,000, I could seriously get behind this thing.) But I’m heading out for a weekend with dog-skeptics and I just know this is going to come up—and honestly, there’s nothing I can say, except it’s not about whether you love your dog or not. It's just that even in a recession some people just really want to burn through their cash.
What do you think is too much when it comes to your pets?


Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Carolyn | February 6 2010 |

I tease my brother about the umpteen millions of toys he buys his dogs; he teases me because my dog, yes, I admit it, wears a hand-crocheted sweater once in awhile (she's little and cold sensitive, ok).

I tell him, hey, we all spoil our dogs in our own ways!

Submitted by Jane | February 7 2010 |

I've been thinking about this for a day since reading your post. Here's my conclusion that works for me. I would gently set a boundary with my friends/family that my decisions are mine and I am not looking for their input. If they persist, I would patiently decline to be engaged in that conversation. Unless I solicit their opinion, how I spend my money [on any thing] isn't up for discussion.

This post also got me to thinking about what I do spend on my dog:what I consider necessities versus extravagances. But even among dog people, that definition will vary. The last two dogs I've had were cremated and I scattered their ashes. Some people I know would not have spent the money on it, but I had the means and the ritual was important to me. I don't explain that decision to any one nor do I expect any one else to do what I do. I am aware that my mother and brother don't get my attachment to animals but I don't encourage a conversation around it.

Very good topic to think about. I have had conversations about it with people who are open and nonjudgmental.

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