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Canine Custody Battles
NY man spends $60,000 trying to get his Puggle back
Craig Dershowitz and Knux.

We consider our dogs full members of the family, so it probably comes as no surprise that canine custody battles are becoming more common.  Lawyers are reporting as much as a 15 percent increase in these cases.  Figuring out who gets to keep the pets is stressful for both humans and canines and can get expensive quickly.

In New York, Craig Dershowitz is fighting to be reunited with his Puggle, Knux.  He had been sharing custody with his ex-girlfriend, regularly traveling ten hours round trip to drop off and pick up the pup, when his ex took off to California with the dog.  

Craig has already spent upwards of $60,000 in legal fees and is headed to court again.  He received two orders in the state of New York giving him custody, but he must argue his case in front of a California judge since his ex now resides in Los Angeles.

The battle to get Knux back has been financially difficult and Craig is appealing to fellow pet lovers to help his cause.  Many talented friends have donated artwork and other creative gifts in exchange for donations.

I can’t imagine if my pets were taken away from me, but I know I would do everything in my power to get them back.  Hopefully Craig and Knux will be reunited soon. 

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

Screenshot from the Rescue Knux web site.

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Submitted by Anonymous | May 20 2012 |

Dogs are not required to have 2 owners. He is not the biological father either. This is a very biased piece claiming that this is his dog. Time to just list one person and make sure that person has the freedom to move about in this country without being hunted down and having HER dog taken away. Women don't need male guardians in this country. I am sure that this doggie momma is perfectly capable of taking care of her own baby. The guy sounds like an abusive bully control freak who wants to hurt this woman by taking her dog away and force her into fighting a ridiculous expensive legal battle to keep her own dog.

Submitted by Anonymous | June 7 2012 |

Just give his dog back. It's not your dog. If it was in fact your dog, then why'd you have to sneak off with it?

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