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Canine Fashions
What are you wearing?

Who among us doesn’t have a wardrobe full of pieces that proclaim our love for dogs? I still cherish the Dog’s Best Friend T-shirts I wore as my uniform when teaching training classes at that business before my husband’s new job prompted us to move. In the photo on back covers of the books we wrote together, both Patricia McConnell and I are sporting matching denim shirts embroidered with dogs. Très chic.

Many dog clothes are sold as fundraisers, including one particularly stylish T-shirt that says “Rescue Me” and raises funds to help place rescue dogs in homes. Online, in stores and at professional events, canine couture is all the rage.
At one dog training conference, I went out to lunch with a group of six people, and we laughed to discover that I was the only one NOT wearing dog-themed socks. (Apparently I am either a complete fashion idiot, or I just didn’t get the memo—hard to say.)
At most conferences, there are many items for sale, and at dog events, lots of them are clothing and accessories for people. From the “Bigger is Better” T-shirts with images of Great Danes to the Chihuahua earrings so common in the Southwest, there are so many ways to “wear your heart” on your sleeve or elsewhere.
What do you wear that tells the world you love dogs?


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Carolyn | January 13 2010 |

Oh let me count the ways. I have a really nice demin shirt with a breed logo. I have the breed socks. And for Christmas this year, I got a breed charm necklace. I don't ASK for these things, mind you. My DH loves to get them for me AND donate to Rescue at the same time. Win/win I'd say.

Submitted by AnonymousAk_cuervo | January 13 2010 |

The one consistent dog-related item in my wardrobe is hair...everywhere!

Submitted by JoAnna | January 13 2010 |

My favorites are Barkology (really cute, tasteful canine and feline themed clothing), Life is Good (the stuff with Rocket the dog on them), and Black Dog (the Cape Cod, MA company). Cafepress and Zazzle are also really good for getting fun breed themed clothing.

Forget the actual dogs, between the clothes and the cars, you can always tell when you're at a dog show or conference!

Submitted by Maura | January 14 2010 |

I love my Chuhuahua Races 2009 t-shirt (always gets questions or comments- and yes I did race my chihuahua) or my shirt supporting the local rescue I volunteer at (good promotion)! I love dog clothes, and people who don't just think I'm wierd- but I'm totally fine with that!

Submitted by petapparelfashion | January 14 2010 |

this is so interesting..by the way click here http://petapparelfashion.com and you will find everything about dogs' clotes :) see you there!

Submitted by Brenda | January 25 2010 |

As a Manager of Fund Development for a low euthanasia shelter, I'm always wearing something 'doggy'...I collect vintage dog broaches as well as interesting new ones from companies like Bits and Pieces...and, as a devoted 'peke freak' I do have pekingese socks!

Submitted by Cecil V | November 20 2010 |

My pal Nikita, has a screensaver slideshow on my laptop. I don't wear any clothes for her, but she loves her large dog clothes!

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