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Did a Dog Play Cupid for You?
Dogs are great icebreakers and matchmakers

I’m pretty caught up in the pre-Valentine’s Day media swirl. I try to ignore it but I love reading true-life love stories, especially if they feature a dog—and a surprising number of them do. That may be because dogs are pretty great matchmakers.

Nine out of ten people in the UK say they were more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger if the stranger had a dog, according to a Dogs Trust survey reported in today’s Daily Express. Sometimes these meetings turn into lasting relationships.

So with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’d love to hear your stories of falling in love because of a dog.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Leslie | February 8 2012 |

On April 1 (April Fool's Day!) 2011 I posted an ad for someone who would like to join me in stimulating intellectual discussions while walking our dogs. In what turned out to be a wonderful twist of fate, a very attractive, single man answered my ad. We got together for dinner, drinks, and to let our dogs meet each-other on a chilly Alaskan spring night. The dogs' meeting went off without a hitch, so we made plans to see each-other again soon after. But I knew we were meant to be when, on our second date, which consisted of watching a movie and power-lounging on the couch, I left the living room briefly and returned to find my little princess sprawled comfortably in his lap. I believe my comment was "Oh my gosh, that's pathetic." We have become best friends, are very much in love, and are planning a future together...and all because of our pooches. :)

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | February 8 2012 |

What a fantastic story. I love it. Congratulations.

Submitted by Rayne | February 8 2012 |

A big part of the reason I fell in love with my husband of 15 years is, soon after we met, my Boston terrorist puppy, Daisy, cornered my cat under the bed and managed to get her eyeball punctured. We saved the eye with diminished vision, but not until we sat up several nights - all night - taking turns cradling her in our laps. I think this happened around our third date and when I saw how loving he was to my dog - well, that was pretty much it. We have since loved two cats and five dogs and he has always been attentive, kind, concerned and loving to them. Me, too!

Submitted by Jill | February 8 2012 |

Magi came to me because the shelter she was at was going to put her down because she came into season. I worked at a vet at the time and the shelter allowed me to take her home because they knew I would have her spayed asap. I was not in the market for another dog and only took her to save her life.

Once we got home, it was apparent that my elderly shelter rescue and Magi clashed. Fights broke out all of the time and one time it resulted in stitches. I couldn't have that in my house of 4 dogs, so I set out to find Magi a good home.

Curtis was and still is a co-worker of mine. He was recently divorced and thought a dog would be good for him since his ex took his two dogs in the divorce. I sent him with Magi for a few days to see how they got along together.

They hit it off great together. They were good for each other. Magi was his company and he was Magi's world. I had to keep an eye on her because I felt I had betrayed her by giving her up. I wanted a great life for her and had to make sure this was it.

I would go over to his house to check on her. I had him enroll her in an obedience class that I helped with. I even got him to show her in obedience and he got a few titles on her. Needless to say, Curtis and I spent a lot of time together. We started out as friends and, in time, it became more.

We started dating. Dated for about 5 years before he popped the question at a dog show in Calgary. We got married a year later. My golden retriever, Cedar, was our ring bearer. I am not sure who was more proud of Cedar in that part, me or Curtis.

Magi came back to live with me and my dogs and it was okay because Casey had gone onto the bridge and didn't have to deal with Magi. Curtis has been with me through 4 dogs passing and 3 puppy beginnings. Magi is gone now, but she will always be in our hearts as the dog who brought us together.

I have found that it isn't easy to find a guy who will put up with and love my dogs as I do, but I think I found a keeper.

Submitted by Ann | February 9 2012 |

Two and a half years ago, on a gorgeous Minnesota fall afternoon I was at the dog park with my 3-year-old rescued Golden Retriever, Juno. She normally isn't one to play with other dogs (she's more of a people-dog) but on this particular day she found a friend — a big fluffy Golden/Shepard mix named Presley. I was happy to see her frolicking around with another dog, but even happier to see the cute guy with that dog! So I started chatting with him and we ended up walking through the park together while our dogs played and ran ahead of us. That turned out to be the first of many dates walking through the park with our dogs. I truly believe our dogs brought us together. On the two-year anniversary of that day in the dog park he proposed to me! We will be married in September and we couldn't be happier! We are planning on having an engagement photo session in the dog park where we met, with the furry match-makers at our sides.

Submitted by robin | February 11 2012 |

Ann, Love your story.....and love dogs. It's no accident that dog is god backwards!!So happy for all of you :)

Submitted by Kimberly B. Lawler | February 9 2012 |

Molly, a rescue Lab pup, was terrified of men when she came to live with me. She never liked any young men until a particular guy dropped by one day.

Oddly, Molly had an unreal fit of affection. She was all over him every time she saw him! I wasn't romantically interested in him but my dog loved this man so much and, well, we all know a dog is a great judge of character. So, what did my dog, Molly, see in him? She saw a lot: compassion, kindness, intelligence.

Molly, Michael and I lived together, went to graduate schools, got jobs, bought a house. We adopted another dog and we got married. Molly waited to leave us until just after our one and only baby was born, right before she turned 14 years old.

Nearly 30 years have flown by since the first visit happened. My husband and I know our wonderful life together is due in large part to our beautiful, smart rescue Lab, Molly, who helped us to see the possibilities.

Submitted by robin | February 11 2012 |

Is it any wonder dog is god backwards?
They say , lock your dog and your wife in the trunk,then open it up. Who's still happy to see you?..that's loyalty!! LOL I don't suggest trying this however.

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