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Dog Reunions

The other day Dexter, an adorable Jack Russell Terrier, had the chance to meet up with Micah, a 14-year-old Husky who he grew up with. Dexter’s new mom, Jody, took these charming photos of their joyous reunion. Almost two years ago their first mom, Carol, had died unexpectedly, and the dogs had been separated. We, and other friends of Carol’s, had a hand in finding a new home for Dexter while Micah went to live with a Husky-loving family.

While Micah might have slowed down some, Jody tells us that he howled and romped with his terrier pal who was simply ecstatic about seeing him. The little dog definitely grew attached to the much larger Huskies, and loves running up to greet the ones he sees at the dog park, but he simply adores his Micah, as these photos demonstrate. It was great that Jody was able to track down Micah’s family and arrange for their reunion.

We’re looking forward to our Wire-haired Pointer, Lola, seeing her brother Jack this July. Both dogs, as pups, were found roaming and fending for themselves in the Sierra foothills area of Northern California, and were rescued by a wonderful pointer rescue person. We adopted Lola from her posting on Petfinder.com, while Jack was adopted by a couple living in Utah, who are planning a visit to our area this summer! We can’t wait to see if Jack and Lola, who are now 8-years-old, will recognize each other. We certainly hope they do. And even if they don’t, we are thrilled about being able to meet Jack and his people.

Has your dog ever had the chance for a similar reunion with a dog friend or sibling/parent from the past? Would love to hear how that went!



Claudia Kawczynska is The Bark's co-founder and editor in chief. thebark.com

Courtesy of Jody Colley

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Submitted by Donatella Scabini | February 25 2014 |

Hi Claudia,
these are great photos and thank you, Jody for taking them and you for posting them on this blog.
I never had the opportunity to reunite any of my dogs to their siblings since I adopted them from local shelters and I didn't have any information on the whereabouts of the other puppies.
I did however have an interesting experience with my first dog Bo which , I believe, is a testimony of dogs' ability to remember and recognize others they have grown up with or have met at the early stages of their life.
When Bo was a puppy, I used to take him to a small enclosed dog park in Berkeley to allow him to socialize with other dogs and people outside of our family.
There Bo met several dogs and among them there was a female husky mix who was a little older than he and toward whom most puppies showed deference and respect. Bo used to greet her by bowing in front of her and licking her lips.
I stopped taking Bo to that park a few months later and started to take him to Point Isabel where he met and played with many other dogs.
Several years went by and one day, as we were walking on the main trail of the park, Bo took off in front of me and suddenly stopped by a dog which I recognized as the small female husky mix we knew from the dog park. By that time Bo was a much larger dog than she was but he displayed the same behavior toward her by bowing and licking her lips. It was an amazing and delightful sight for me. I think these are all indications of how early experiences are important for dogs and also help us understand how they related to each other and toward us.

Submitted by Patty Aarons | March 1 2014 |

Not a 2 dog reunion story but just as special. Having lost our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Thorne, to age, we selected a breeder in Nevada ( rather she selected us) and we flew to Reno to bring our Brammble boy to his new home in Michigan. 3 years later, my cousins had retired to the Reno area and we,with Bramm, drove out to spend the Christmas Holidays with them. Bramm's breeder arranged to drive over to see her all grown up boy. Bramm was 8 weeks when he came to us and this is over 3 years later! Bramm and I waited outside for her arrival. He was busily inspecting the bushes when she drove up, and softly called his name. He rushed over to her with such enthusiasm, I thought his wagging tail might lift him right off the ground and he was not a small Berner. He knew her instantly and stayed by her side during her entire visit. Dogs DO remember!!!

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