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Dog Sports Increasing in Popularity
AKC entries are at a record high


Recently an accomplished dog trainer told me that the future of dog sports will evolve through increased accessibility. As pets become a greater part of the family, more people are bringing their dogs to training classes and exploring activities that they can do together. 

Organizations like the American Kennel Club have realized this trend and have made changes to make their activities more inclusive. Last year AKC agility invited mixed breeds to begin competing with the purebreds. Last year entries into their dog sports, including conformation, obedience, agility, and field trials, crossed the three million mark. Entries in agility increased by nine percent.

I'm thrilled to hear that participation in dog sports is growing. It's a great way to set training goals and it ensures that you and your pet will be spending a lot of quality time together.

Do you participate in dog sports with your pup?


JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

Photo by M. Nicole Fisher.

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Submitted by Maura | February 1 2011 |

Yayyyy! That's great news!!! One of my dogs had to retire from jumping this year so we are now doing Canine Nosework and still doing non-jumping agility trials (through NADAC).
My other dog is still doing agility and some obedience.
We love our weekly classes and weekends full of doggie events! It's a great way to train you dog, wear them out and definitely is great bonding time with them:)

Submitted by kerry | February 1 2011 |

The pooch and I aren't lucky enough to live near a fully-stocked agility center, so we participate in "urban agility." We have several structures in our neighborhood and on our walk routes where we can practice jumping, balancing, sit, stay, stand and walk on cue. She loves it and so do I. If we had more access to agility facilities we'd be doing proper classes, but this is a good interim solution.

Submitted by Maura | February 4 2011 |

Hi Kerry- where do you live? Have you check Cleanrun.com's local search for agility trainers? I was on there recently and was so suprised by how many there are now nationwide.

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