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Dogfighting Makes A Comeback in Afghanistan
“Even if people are starving, they’ll still keep dogfighting.”

The headline says it all. Violence loves a vacuum. It's interesting that the participants are too poor and the dogs are too expensive to allow fighting to the death--but it doesn't make it less terrible.

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Submitted by psychdragon | February 28 2009 |

I love Bark!, Adore it! I literally inhale every issue. And, as to my my sweet little lap puppy (my two year old 90 pound mixed breed St Bernard/Mastiff ) I would lay down my life for her, no question.
No form of torture or abuse of dogs should be tolerated it must be put into context. Afghanistan is not America. ( Yah, I know, we got Mr Vick ) We must understand that besides being a country ripped apart by centuries of war, that women are rarely, if ever allowed to be part of any public event. How often do you ever see women in public? The news fails to mention this. Women are punished, sometimes tortured. As are female children. They are denied education, They are punished for seeking it.
I am no expert on Afghanistan. I only wish to point out that when any human community is so horribly, frighteningly out of balance it is no surprise that animals suffer, and that when the soul of a country this battered men get what little happiness they can, wherever they can.
It is not an excuse. It's a symptom.
There is work to do.

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