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Dogs in Cars [Video]

Is there anything better than the cool breeze in your fur? Keith Hopkin, an amateur filmmaker living in Brooklyn, NY, captures the joy of co-pilots in this recent video project.

Dogs in Cars from keith on Vimeo.

Please note: While we like what looks like obvious pleasure on the faces of the dogs in this video, we do encourage people to secure their dogs when they are traveling by car—in a crate or with a seat restraint, for the safety of all the passengers! Also, dogs with their heads hanging out of windows do run the risk of getting particles in their eyes.

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Screenshot from Dogs in Cars by Keith Hopkin.

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Submitted by Jim V. | March 29 2012 |

Although the video "Dogs in Cars" is cute, the relaity is that is a very dangerous practice. As a State Trooper, I observed several dogs either killed or injured from dogs hanging out of car windows.

Let me site some examples:
1. Drived approaching a Toll Booth before entering the highway inadvertantly put the passenger side window up with the dog leaning out that window. The window strangled the dog, killing him in a most grusum way.
2. Dog leaning out of passenger side window jumped out of the moving car when he saw a jogger with a dog along then near side the road. The dog was on a short leash attached to the drivers right hand. Bad idea. The dog jumped out of the moving car dangling the dog outside the car hanging him by the the throat above the pavement, while the tug on the leash caused the driver to swerve right hitting a telephone pole. One almost dead dog, one distracted driver and one totaled car.
3. Dog hanging out of the passenger side window. Driver moved to close to some bushes along the side of the road. The bushes struck the dog in the face, putting out one eye and causing multiple lacerations.
Although it may be fun for the dog, as dog owners don't let the dog out the window. Would you put your face out a moving car's window with a collar around your neck? I doubt it. Be real and enjoy your puppy and think for him. That is why YOU are the master.


Submitted by Rebecca R | April 1 2012 |

I agree with Jim. We decided with our two new dogs to always crate them when we travel, whether it is for a long trip or short tip to the market. They don't know the difference and are happy to curl up and sleep while we drive. We sometimes forget we have dogs in the car, they are so quiet and stress free. Added bonus, it keeps the car clean too!

Submitted by abbygirlalso | April 5 2012 |

My dog LOVES riding in the car and or the truck. He actually knows the difference between the words whether I ask him if he wants to ride in the car or the truck, he runs to the one I am asking about. I do know however how dangerous this can be for an unknowing fun loving dog who just wants to go for a "joy ride" so I compromise with him. Some roads he lays down as I roll up the window and turn on his air conditioning vent. Some roads he is allowed to hang his head out and look around. I always keep my speed in mind, anything over 35 and the window goes up. Also he is trained to always go into the back seat, never the front seat, so I can lock the windows (childproof them) so he can never accidentally roll them up too far or down further then I want the window to go. So far this has worked for us and we have shared some great rides in the car.

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