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Dogs on Treadmills

Lately, I see dogs on treadmills, and I don't mean in my dreams or metaphorically. Folks are seriously opting for machines, particularly, it seems, for basset hounds. The word is that since exercise is good for dogs, this can’t be bad. Better than nothing, maybe, but you have to think that Clementine, Skully and Hank (below), would be much happier wandering at their own varied pace out where squirrels chirp on branches and honest-to-goodness urine wafts from every hydrant, mailbox and tree. Even the Jetsons’ treadmill was out on the space-deck and included a thrilling cat chase.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Anonymous | December 6 2008 |

There's no exercise substitute for getting your dog out and letting them have a good rip off leash, chasing scents, playing fetch, or whatever else your dog enjoys. If your dog doesn't enjoy it, then they're not going to be fulfilled and happy. They may be tired, but tired and happy aren't the same thing. When I come home from work and I've been working on something that I don't enjoy, I'm tired. But I'm not content. But if I'm out doing something I enjoy, I may be tired at the end of the day but I'm happy too.

Some dogs I've seen on treadmills do enjoy it, so I'm not saying that treadmills have no purpose. But it's not for every dog, and is in no way a substitute for a good romp outside.

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