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Fab Four Update
Two of our April cover dogs go home

Have you been wondering about the fate of the quartet of delectable foster puppies on the cover of The Bark (Apr/May 2010)? We checked in with Julie Duarte, who has been fostering the pups in northern California, to see what’s haps with Flower, Candace, Ladybug and Edgar. Here’s the news from Julie:


Ladybug’s new owners absolutely adore her! When they came down, in between snowstorms, to pick her up, they brought a baby receiving blanket that was one of their two sons’ when they were first brought home from the hospital. I was so touched by that. She has adapted to her new home very well, and their old Labrador even likes her. They make a pack of three, Ladybug, a Lab and a Mini-Schnauzer—plus, of course, two boys, Taylor and Alexander.


Candace is being picked up tomorrow to go to her new home. So today she will get her bath, toenails trimmed, puppy starter pack and records all together. Her new family is taking a month off work to acclimate Candace to her new surroundings.


The two remaining pups, Flower and Edgar are still patiently awaiting adoption by their own wonderful families. Meanwhile, they are entertained on the property here with the German Shorthaired and Wirehaired Pointers, goats and horses.


I had a very nice family come to visit one of my older Terrier-mix females from a high-kill shelter, in fact the same shelter the pups are from. Rugby is a very sweet, laid-back one-year-old female with a mostly short coat. They decided they did not want to deal with her hair ... and asked if they could adopt Flower instead. I declined, because I told them it is about acceptance with owning dogs: If it’s not the hair you are worried about, it will be she drooled on you, came in the house with muddy feet, or, oh my gosh, gets sick on the living room floor!


I need to adopt dogs to families that are really intending to give these pups unconditional love and a home for the rest of their lives. I did not feel their goals met my expectations. That is OK. We will keep interviewing; there are some terrific homes out there for these well-behaved, beautiful puppies!



Interested in providing a great home for Flower or Edgar? Contact Julie Duarte at gsprescue@aol.com.

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