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Facebook to the Rescue!
Social media helps a dog in a peculiar situation

Social media web sites are often blamed for isolating people and changing the way we interact. But time and time again I've seen networks, like Facebook, rally people together for a common cause.

Last week Beth Gresham, an animal rescue volunteer in Tennessee, spotted a dog with his head stuck in a plastic container on the side of the road. When she tried to approach him, the scared pup ran back into the woods.

Beth wasn't able to get to the small spotted dog, but she posted a cell phone picture to Facebook soliciting help in capturing the pup in need. When Jess McClain, another animal rescue volunteer, saw the photo online, she put together a search party and set out to find the dog.

The next day, the rescuers found the pup, who they've since named Miracle, and used container cutters to set him free. Many pets are abandoned in the woods, but they're not sure if the container was placed on the his head intentionally or it got on accidentally. Either way, Miracle was lucky to run into Beth and have many people dedicated to finding him.

During the search, the rescue party also found another stray dog and it looks like both pups will find new homes.


JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

Photo by Beth Gresham/Facebook.

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Submitted by Carolyn | June 7 2012 |

When we lived in Belize, we once rescued a small feral dog that had gotten its head stuck in a quart-sized mayonnaise container that had been discarded along the side of the road. Luckily the container was greasy enough that, with the dog & my DH pulling in opposition, his head popped right out. Off course the dog streaked off like a shot once freed, evidently none the worse for wear.

Submitted by shirley zindler | June 7 2012 |

Heads in containers are a common dilema. Animals put their heads in to eat the residue of leftover food and become trapped. Good job to those kind people for helping out!

Submitted by Maya's Mom | June 14 2012 |

I sometimes give my dog the mostly empty peanut butter jar to lick & carry around (her head is much too large to fit inside, but I always supervise to make sure she doesn't get her jaw stuck or allow it to get shredded and have her swallow the plastic).

Once she left it in the yard and the next morning, when I let her outside, I heard her squealing in a weird way. I went out to see that she had pinned a cat between the house and the driveway that had it's head stuck in the pb jar. I was able to get it off their head, but suffered many scratches for my success. And my dog seemed relieved that we recovered the jar, and was really disappointed when I threw it away.

Submitted by A | June 14 2012 |

I HATE that so many dogs get dumped. and it seems that the southern states are the worst. I have TWO rescues from TN and I live in VA, so they were rescued and sent here.

I'm so glad that this poor dog along with the other were saved.

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