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FDA Investigates Nutro Dog Food
Illnesses may be linked to food. UPDATED.
More questions about what's in the bowl.

[Editor's Note: ConsumerAffairs.com has reported that the FDA is denying reports of an investigation into Nutro, contradicting individuals who say they have been contacted about Nutro by FDA investigators, as well as others in the FDA. We'll keep following this story. Meanwhile, readers have posted some interesting comments including an inside perspective from someone who claims to be a former employee.]


There has long been talk that Nutro Dog Food may be responsible for illnesses in many dogs, but the company has denied these claims and maintained that their food is safe. It may be some time before the truth is sorted out, but we do now know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating the company.

Food safety continues to be a huge issue for both people and our pets, and we must be cautious about everything we feed our dogs. It may be a long time before we know whether or not Nutro Dog Food is causing these problems, but the fact that an investigation is underway to determine the truth is a good thing.


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.


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Submitted by Carolyn with Ma... | April 22 2009 |

Even after the 2007 pet food disaster, it seems the foot dragging, denial and inaction continue. It's this type of situation that makes me very suspicious of commercial products for dogs: food, treats, dog toothpaste, chew toys etc. I've taken to making my dog's food and treats, giving her carrots to chew and brushing her teeth w/o dog toothpaste. There are probably some very good products out there ... but if I can't trust them to be safe, then I won't buy them.

Submitted by Meg | April 28 2009 |

I agree with Maggie. How do we know what is safe for our pets? I have also stopped the toothpaste and I am brushing their teeth with water only. The food though? My dogs have always eaten Nutro. I have been considering changing their food even before hearing about the investigation because my dogs seem to have grown tired of Nutro and they are not excited to eat it as they used to be. I do give them carrots and apples and healthy things like those as snacks, but I also always have the nutro treats on hand. I thought Nutro was supposed to be good for them. My question now is, what should I feed them? What pet food out there is the safest and healthiest for my 2 dogs and 1 cat. What about going organic or a food that states "no chicken meal or byproduct"? Please help!

Submitted by Anonymous | October 19 2011 |

Answer to ~~~Chicken meal is excellant, for those that do not understand chicken meal ~~~~it is a HIGHLY condensed protein, has juices removed and some fat to make that highly condensed protein.

When not sure what an ingredient is~~~~~~~~~check the AAFO, American Association of Feed Control~~~~for diffitions!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous | May 13 2009 |

I know, it is frightening isn't it? I use another holistic kibble now for both dogs and cats and have been happy with it. There are companies out there who do make outstanding foods that are accountable. Go to DogFoodAnalysis.com and review the foods that have a 5-6 rating.

Submitted by Anonymous | November 25 2010 |

I have been using Nutro natural choice, lamb and rice for all 6 of my dogs. Their all close to 15 years, and act like puppies. I love their coats, and the life all of my dogs have. They have been eating Nutro since they were 7 weeks, and no vet visits. Thank you Nutro for making a wonderful dog food. All three of my cats are on nutro to, and again very happy and healthy. My cats are all close to being 17 years old, and no health problems.

Submitted by Anonymous | October 19 2011 |

Glad you made the great statment about Nutro! I to, have worked for the company for years, have NO COMPLAINTS myself or from customers. I helped customers with issues that were easy to fix.

Saw improvement in all my cats and dogs, in seniors their health improved greatly and their activity went up! Quality of life is a wonderful thing!!!

Greatful to Nutro!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous | May 1 2013 |

Clearly you are endorsed by Nutro Inc.

Submitted by Kathy Konetzka-Close | April 23 2009 |

I, too, am being so careful about what I buy for my dog. I read labels, study ingredients, check websites and I still ended up with some of that chicken jerky that's manufactured in China. The print was so small, and as the distributor of the product advertised they were in the USA, I just plain missed it. Of course I threw the bag away as soon as I realized that it, but still. It just seems to me that the FDA has way too much on it's plate to possibly oversee everything that needs overseeing. I'm glad they're investigating the Nutro company but the bottom line is that with the human food supply as unsafe as it is, how can the pet food supply be any different? It's terrifying, really.

Submitted by Anonymous | May 13 2009 |

I used to work for Nutro as a pet nutrition specialist and the reason I did was because of the great results I had with the foods with my cocker spaniels and two cats. Then.... MARS bought Nutro out in 2007 and immediately I started hearing complaints within six months of the buy out and I was suspicious. I reported these complaints to my area sales manager and was told not to worry and reinforce the quality controls we had. Fast forward to Jan 2008. The complaints were coming in and all were similar, gastrointestinal issues, kidney problems, and the list goes on. I reported these issues and was blown off because none of the other demonstrators were hearing the complaints. I thought back to March 2007 during the pet food recall my cats were sickened with the Nutro Natural Choice packet wet food due to the contaminated wheat gluten. I was upset but once we stopped the packets the vomiting ceased. I checked my dogs too since they had eaten the packet wet foods too. Two had abnormal labs. I ceased feeding those too because the vet warned me of a family with five dogs who were all affected save one. So again that is strike two for Nutro. All of my complaints were blown off time and time again. Finally from Jan to May 2008 I kept hearing more complaints in the store and one of the store managers came to me and asked what was going on with Nutro. I told her I didn't know and I would pass the concerns to my boss. Apparently a dog had died the night before of organ failure after eating a new bag of lamb and rice small bites. Then one of my former customers told me about the Consumer Affairs.com website. I read the complaints and my jaw hit the floor. All were experiencing the same complaints I'd heard in the store. Then one of my cocker spaniels got sick, guzzling water and was vomiting, collapsed on the kitchen floor. I took him in to the vet. He had elevated BUN and CREAT I again confronted our area manager at a meeting and was told that it was all lies on the website. I told her I think not and immediately resigned. I will never ever feed Nutro again to any animal I have.
How can a company with such a good reputation that was outstanding for 81 years on its own and it stood on its own go downhill? I used and promoted Nutro for years before I was a demonstrator. But then I thought about it. MARS makes Pedigree and other corn heavy dog foods with substandard ingredients. It all started to make sense. I don't regret resigning but what I do regret is that MARS Petcare bought Nutro and look at what happened.
I hope the FDA is investigating Nutro and MARS Petcare and I hope that this all comes to a resolution one way or another for the sake of our pets and pets who have died eating Nutro Pet Foods. I hope that if it isn't Nutro's fault, they find out what is the culprit. This has gone on too long without resolution. Rumors can spread but I'm basing my decision on my pet's past illnesses while eating Nutro Pet Foods. I am very choosy now what goes in their mouths. We haven't had issues since I switched to a much healthier brand. No its not Science Diet, I wouldn't feed that to a stray dog that alone my pet. It is just as bad as Pedigree in my eyes. It is expensive garbage that is overhyped by vets.

Submitted by Camille | May 17 2009 |

Hi - and THANK YOU so much for your informative post. I have had my dog for almost 8 years and I have fed her Nutro for most of that time. During the past 2 years she has gained weight (yes, age, but we do NOT overfeed her) and I am also concerned about the amount of water that she is drinking. I suspected diabetes, but that's not it. I am now worried that Nutro is having an effect on her kidneys... Needless to say, after reading your post, I am buying new food tomorrow. I used to be a vet tech and we fed all of our charges in the hospital Science Diet. but I never thought much of it, or any of the other "mass produced" foods. Would you mind sharing what you've switched to? I would never be able to use Nutro esp after reading your post. Thanks again for sharing your insight.

Submitted by Anonymous | March 6 2010 |

we have been feeding our two german-shorthairs nutro for years with no complaints.however,just after the holidays this year,esp.our male began to have bouts of vomiting-sometimes undigested food-sometimes yellow bile-then he would be very lethargic for several hours.never made a connection to the food because we had been using it for so long.then my son was at our house and asked if we were still feeding dogs nutro and told us that someone he works with had similar problems with their dog and the vet told them to stop feeding the nutro because of concerns they had with it.then i started reading some of the horror stories online about others who have had sick pets and even lost them and the only common denominator seems to be the food.how terrible to think that we may have been poisoning our beloved pets and never knew.i notified my other son and guess what?he had just bought a new bag of nutro&he commented that it had a different appearence than it had the last time he purchased it-different color and smell.needless to say,no one in this family will be buying it ever again.shame on that company!!probably cutting corners just like everyone else.

Submitted by Anonymous | November 8 2010 |

Thank you for this information. Do you happen to know if any incidence happened in Delaware? I bought nutro lamb and rice in wilmington delaware around the time of the recall and was assured that it was only the wet food not the dry.. she had been on it for about an year or two..it seemed to help with her skin allergies and itch then she started to slow down and not be interested in the food anymore there was no other symptoms except she did seem to like to drink alittle more and urinate alittle more but was assured by a breeder friend that she was just aging..but since the skin allergies came back i switch her food several times looking for something that would work for her...three years later( recently oct 2010 we lose her from renal failure...that hit her very quickly..could she have slowly been having trouble back when she was on nutro or would the effect have happened quicker like with your cocker? please help..we are heart broken and do not know the root of the problem..

Submitted by Nicole | May 25 2009 |

After all the issues with the pet food recall some months ago, I switched Winnie's food to the new Rachael Ray Nutrish. I researched this food and found that is very nutritious and they test their product constantly for safety. I do supplement Winnie's dinner with frozen organic dog food from Canz Real Meat. She also loves the taste of the dry food alone and that says alot...my dog is super picky!

Submitted by JC | May 30 2009 |

Less than a week before the press release of the Nutro Max cat food recall I had just started my three year old completely healthy eski-poo on a new bag of Nutro Ultra which she has been eating for the last two years. We spent the next three days with her having 'bouts of diarrhea and she has absolutely refused to eat the food. I had bought two bags at the time and Petsmart allowed me to return one while assuring me that the dog food could not be responsible. Am I the only one who finds it odd that I spend three days worried that my dog's going to have to be taken to the vet for dehydration and checking her gum color and her skin elasticity every few hours after starting her on a new bag of food and then not two days later they've recalled the cat food? I had thought about it and this helped prompt me to join Petlane as a rep. My baby's on Dr. Pitcairn's home-made recipes until I get my shipment of Pure Woof Gold in on Monday. I sent Nutro a letter and never got a response. My advise, get your dog off that food if they start acting out of the norm at all. Wish us luck on our new food.

Submitted by A.Mitchell | June 17 2009 |

This particular issue can happen when you introduce ANY new food into a pet's diet. You should ALWAYS take 1 - 2 weeks to work a new pet food into your pet's regular diet, by slowly adding more and more of the new food to your pet's diet until it completely replaces the old food diet. Replacing a regular diet with a new one without stepping up in this manner can lead to diarhea and dehudration, constipation, blood in the stool, vomiting/nausea and other symptoms. This particular case can occur when switching to ANY dog food.

While I am no fan of Nutro since MARS bought out the company, I also want to make sure pet owners are aware of the proper procedure in CHANGING a pet's diet to avoid distress.

Submitted by Kathy Nicklas-V... | June 7 2009 |

Sadly, it has gotten to the point that the only dog food I'll trust is the food I make myself. The FDA likely feels that they are too busy trying to keep human food safe, and that pet food is not a priority. However, should the majority of pet owners in this country begin to feel as I do and make their own pet food, it would quickly turn into a disaster.

If we all made our own food, we could look forward to the following nightmare scenario: A hundred million dogs (a pure guess) would take an enormous amount of food out of the human food supply. The the cost of meats, grains and fresh vegetables would soar. Add in the lost profits that meat processors would have to make up when they no longer had a market for meats that aren't pretty - meats that are used in pet foods today. The end result would be that meat would become a luxury for all but the richest, hunger would be widespread, and the cost of food would take an ever increasing percentage of our budgets. In the end, dog ownership would likely go down, because people who cannot afford to feed themselves cannot afford to feed a dog.

If the FDA does not consider the safety of pet food to be a priority, perhaps they should consider what would happen if consumer confidence in pet food disappeared. In an ideal world, there would be no need for investigators, because all food manufacturers would treat every product as one they would need to use for themselves. But that isn't the case, and the FDA should consider the wisest way to utilize their limited resources. The country's food supply and safety depends on it.

Submitted by Slippy | June 11 2009 |

I agree with the other responders who no longer trust the dog/cat food industry. We switched to raw food for them during the massive 2007 recall and have never looked back.

I hate to think that the same thing (massive recall) could happen again. I had to stop by my vet's office at the peak of the recall, and it was the saddest thing I've ever seen. every available space was taken up w/ ill pets, the staff we running themselves ragged trying to save as many as they could; but in many cases they were unable to.

There needs to be major reform in the ways in which pet foods are manufactured and regulated if we are ever to trust the industry again.

Submitted by Anonymous | June 23 2009 |

Nutro would not reveal zinc levels in their food so Pet Food Products Safety Alliance (PFPSA) tested the food and found that zinc levels were 2100 ppm!

Dr. Hansen told Consumer Affairs, that's "sky high".

At PFPSA's site you will see that dog food was tested in 2008. High zinc levels were found, but findings were ignored by Nutro and FDA.

The problem with Nutro has been going on for YEARS! There are over 900 complaints on Consumer Afairs website.

Also, Nutro denies that they've received ANY complaints of illness/death wrt their food.

You can read Nutro's side of the story at: http://www.nutroproducts.com/press-recall/press-faq.html

Please note Q's 17,19,20,21 in which Nutro states that they've had no complaints/reports of illness.

Submitted by Anonymous | September 1 2009 |

Our dog suffered from frequent bouts of unexplained vomiting and diarrhea, both of which began with the feeding of Nutro and completely ceased, without recurrence, in the months since we discontinued feeding our dog this brand. While this could be concidental and not causal, the FDA needs to have mechanisms in place for adverse event reporting comparable to what is used to collect data for the human health products they regulate.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 22 2010 |

and the problems with Nutro continue! and their denial of any possible responsibility & lack of concern. the CEO of Mars should be seriously penalized for what is happening to Nutro under his watch. or precious pets are being harmed & many of us have huge vet bills- what poison are they allowing in their pet foods?

complaints at consumeraffairs.com are again on the rise about Nutro! FDA- where are you now? don't repeated problems at Nutro justify prompt action on your part?

Submitted by Anonymous | March 7 2010 |

We gradually switched to Nutro over 3 weeks and fed Nutro completely for one week. We were hoping it would help with itching/skin allergy. Instead, our lab has been extremely thirsty and vomits bile every night. The Nutro is the only new food in his diet. I discontinued it today and am hoping for the best. He is back on his old food. Itchy skin is the least of our worries!

Submitted by Anonymous | April 7 2010 |

Our Italian Greyhound, has not been wanting to eat recently. This is a high energy dog who usually consumes great quantities of food given his body size, (12lbs). I bought his last bag of dry Nutro dry Lamb and Rice Formula on 3-21-10; it is dated "Best by 12-05-10". In the past, he would eat two full meals of dry/wet mixed with water a day and beg for more. In the past few weeks, he's has had no appetite for it and has been vomiting in his crate in the night. I never suspected the food until I looked it up online this evening. Tonight he starts on a roast chicken diet until I can find a better option. The canned Nutro costs $2/12.5 oz can, which on the side of the can is to be considered one whole serving if a dog is fed exclusively canned food. That would be 2/$2 cans per day, or $4/day to possibly poison my dog. I can feed my dog three or more meals from a roasted chicken which might cost me $4 on sale. Way to go, Nutro! I love the transparency and honesty we're seeing.

Submitted by Lori | April 12 2010 |

I am so sorry for you and anyone else dealing with this injustice. We too are now looking into this with Nutro. We are Very concerned over a possible recall to the trusted food we only gave out beautiful sweet corgi. Are pet store helped us in picking Small bite lamb and rice when we got our dog 4 years back. After buying our last Large bag now 6 weeks ago, we noticed our dog vomiting Bile, not with any regularity, but since losing him to renal failure on Easter sunday, we began researching past articles on recalls and realized that his symptoms are similar. I have this bag its i.d. and our pets labs. I am wanting to find out if there is something going on before others lose their precious loved ones.
for all those precious babies who trust us in our care for them and out trust in spending great amounts of money on their food.

Submitted by Eileen | April 12 2010 |

I am so sorry to hear about your corgi. Today my 4 yr old Cavachon was discharged from the animal hospital. He is going to need some time to recoop from his recent illness. Like yours he had been on Nutro lamb and rice. Last week he started vomitting bile non-stop and ended up severely dehydrated. He became very lethargic, unable to walk, wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink. This morning he ate some food at the vet. So we brought him home to see if we can increase his activity level which might make him more hungry. They did lots of tests and no signs of renal disease or pancreatitis. We are still waiting for the stool test results. I plan to research this problem myself and will file a report to the appropriate people once I figure out who they are. I am glad you wrote, but again so sorry for your loss. ~Eileen

Submitted by Anonymous | November 8 2010 |

How long Lori was your dog on Nutro lamb and rice? Our cocker was on lamb and rice for a few years then we switch to a different food..since she didn't seem to like it as much anymore and the skin allergies had returned. We lost our cocker 9 1/2 yr to renal failure recently but she had been off the nutro for about a year or so... and on Beaverdam food... just trying to understand what happened...thanks for your help.. and if nutro may have contributed to the problem?

Submitted by Laura | April 13 2010 |

We are on our third bag of Nutro for our white German Shepherd who has been a part of our family for a couple months now. We switched from Blue Buffalo which we were thrilled with the quality of but not the price. We were looking for something more affordable but yet natural and with no byproducts. I was very concerned at first about the Nutro but he certainly seems to be thriving on it and seems to like it a lot. We do notice a LOT of shedding of his fur, but since it's spring that is what we attribute this to... actually his coat looks much glossier and healthier, and he seems to be very happy and well. So far we are very pleased with this food, but all the bad reports do make us a little apprehensive. What are some other more affordable alternatives some of you might have changed to? Purina One was going to be our next choice but there are byproducts in there as the second ingredient. Any others I have looked at are nearly $10 to $15 more per 25-35 pound bag. :-(

Submitted by Maura | April 14 2010 |

I feed Innova and/or Evo dog food. It is GREAT food and both my high energy/high activity dogs love it. It maybe be a bit more expensive but if you shop around you can find it cheaper at some stores (I buy from a local feed store). I would not switch to Purina... they have had their fair share of recalls too and being corn and animal by-products being some of the top ingredients it's not the healthiest alternative.
Research online here- http://dogfoodchat.com

Submitted by Scott W | April 14 2010 |

I have a mixed breed Lab, which we havve had since 8 weeks from a local humane society. We have fed her Nutro Lamb & rice almost exclusively, even with snacks it has been mostly Nutro. Her health and activity has always been good. Within the last 12 months she has occassionally thrown up because of some unknown reasons, suspecting that she has gotten hold of field mice. However, during the last three months, she has thrown up more frequently with two times to the point of not eating anything for a couple of days. We figured it was the food and got a different bag, with no problems for a week. The Vet was not able to find anything wrong either.
I contacted Customer Support vie web-te about a week ago and have heard nothing. And, I have tried calling multiple times with 'call back later' messages. I have saved the old bag of food, which is nearly 2/3 full. Have you heard of anything wrong with the food?

Submitted by Anonymous | April 17 2010 |

There is no recall! There is no probe into Nutro from the FDA!!
The FDA, which never does, posted a message on their website last year that they are not have have never been looking in Nutro Dog food!!!
CNN had picked up this story last year and then quickly retracted it the next day because it isn't true.

All this hype was brought about by a website that sounds official, however if you research them a little they are run by lawyers that are looking for a major lawsuit to file. They themselves have been sued for slander!
CNN had picked up this story last year and then quickly retracted it the next day because it is

I have been feeding Nutro for years and have NEVER had problems. It is a good dog food and you are able to send in your bag if you think there is a problem with it. You are also able to take it back to the store for a full refund if you have your receipt.

I hope this helps...and I hope all the speculation into Nutro stops soon. This has been going on for too long and nothing has ever come out of it because there is nothing wrong!!!

Submitted by Anonymous | July 21 2010 |

I agree with you!!!! I had switched my dog over to Nutro a year ago and he couldn't be healthier! I follow the instructions on the bag for how much to feed him and feed him correctly. He has lost 10 pounds (which he needed) and has way more energy and doesn't have the soft bowel movements like he was having before with the other food and has less frequent bowel movements. The other foods were making him have bowel movements constantly so he was loosing all of his nutrients. He eats Nutro food and treats. I can tell he is happier and he looks great. The vet also said that he is one of the best looking 11 year old dogs she has seen. When I told her what food he was on she never blinked an eye. I am also sick of hearing about Nutro - I am sure if whoever has bad luck with it switches to another food and there is hype about the other food then they will hate that one too!

Submitted by Anonymous | October 4 2010 |

I hope you read further down the page. Nutro has had more complaints and recalls than any other company and they continue to deny it.

You may get good food from them for awhile, but what happens when their quality control slips yet again and your dog is poisoned because something got into the food?

I'm not willing to take a chance on them when there are a lot of other foods on the market.

Submitted by HWalker | April 21 2010 |

We bought a bag of NUTRO MAX PUPPY food last week. We fed our two dogs, a 55lb 10 month old catahoula/AST mix and a 60lb 7 month old catahoula/german shepherd mix, twice a day for 5 days. I noticed on day 3 that they seemed to be excessively thirsty, by day 4 they were also eating so fast it worried me (i still assume they were not getting good nutrition), and on day 5 our 10 month old started throwing up bile and urinating excessively (in the house, which she never does.) The only thing that had changed was their food. We immediately stopped feeding them NUTRO. They had a strict chicken and rice diet for two days and seem to be feeling better. It really scared me. I was shocked to read so many horror stories when i googled NUTRO. We will never use any of their products again. We have told everyone we can to not use NUTRO, as well. We are back to searching for a quality pet food that is within our budget.

Submitted by Nell Liquorman | April 24 2010 |

Pet owners should be careful where they purchase their pet food. Choosing a large chain store that has its own distribution center is the safety way to know that the pet food is directly from the manufacturer.

Go to : http://www.thedogplace.org/Articles/DogCare/Nutrition/09041-Counterfeit_...

The article for Jan. 2009 is there, but I wrote about pet food problems all last year and into this year. There are some bad problems with pet food and my publisher and I can't get any agency to take a look at it. Be sure to click on all the links and pictures. You will get the shock of your life. But, this year long year series of shocking findings seems unending and just this past week I found evidence of more problems. I contacted a large corporation because their product or brand has been compromised by counterfeiters. The exact ones that I wrote about when I did the article on Optima, but now they have a new name to go with the same old address and same two phone numbers.

The original site was shut down after I notified the Mars Co.

Be sure to take note of the barrels (including screen captures) of the Nutro that was for sale on the internet last year. And be sure to take a look at what could easily be recycled recalled 2007 pet food, and a copy of the response that we got from the FDA after we
contacted Tom Vilsack at the USDA.

It is beginning to look like criminals see a gold mine in pet food. They could be pouring it into a bag for any pet food company and selling it directly via the internet, or perhaps become a distributor for some small stores. Any reseller could be selling it, such as internet pet food sites or flea market venders.

Dont' wait for mainstream media to let you know, as we contacted them many times last years.

Nell Liquorman
Health Editor for THE DOG PRESS (newsletter for The Dog Place.org)

Submitted by Anonymous | January 18 2011 |

This is exactly what happened to my beagle. I switch food to the mini chunk and five days later I came home and he is literally sitting in his vomit and stool. Haven't heard from the vet yet. This food is crap.

Submitted by Anonymous | March 19 2011 |

Nutro is one of the safest pet foods out there these days - they manufacture solely their own pet food in the usa with us farmers and over 600 quality checks a day... your pup could have gotten into something or may have an underlying condition... sorry to hear..but please don't speculate unless you know for sure.

Submitted by Beerad1981 | October 2 2011 |

Have two min pins and have fed them Natures Variety dog food and have had nothing but good reactions with each of them. Parents have a scottish terrier that had allergic reactions to other wal mart brand foods that were causing his to have bald spots and severe allergies at certain times of the year, switched him over to natures variety and all that went away and has been fine soon. Not saying they are the best, but I've heard nothing but good things from everyone I've talked to about it, maybe give them a try, good luck!!!

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | May 18 2010 |

More news from Nutro: Lisa Wade McCormick reports for Consumer Affairs about concerns over Nutro's dry cat food.

Controversy Surrounds Tests of Nutro Dry Cat Food
Company denies its product contains 'worrisome' levels of Vitamin D3

Read more: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2010/05/nutro_cat_food.html#ixzz0o...

Submitted by Anonymous | June 5 2010 |

I have two cats and one dag. The older cat lost all his fur in his back end right to his tail. Two vets say it is allergy probably from his food. My other cat vomits everyday as soon as she eats. My dog has allergies also, I have changed their diets, the dog eats raw meats only , he has lost weight and his allergies are starting to clear up.
I thought the big bucks I was spending on their food all these years was good for them. I feel utterly betrayed by a company that I trusted my companions' lives to.

Submitted by kellfree | October 3 2010 |

I have been feeding my dog Nutro since he was weened off from his mom. He is a lab/chow mix. I began with Nutro Max and had no troubles... a hand full of years ago I started giving him Nutro Natural Choice.

I have tried several of the different flavors/mixes of each Max and Natural Choices, not that there was ever a problem, I just wanted to be sure he didn't "get bored" with the same flavor week in and week out. After all, humans have 3 different meals a day and rarely the same thing two or three times a week. So why shouldn't my pup have a little variety? He now gets Senior because he has started to move a little slower.

He has always been healthy, never any problems except for a couple minor urinary track infections after getting into the garbage both times. Who knows what he ate? The only other problem I've ever had was he inhaled a package of Oreo Cookies... and the vet gave us directions to induce vomiting and we never had any effects from that. He has always had a full shiny coat, always lean, never overweight, muscular, active, full of energy, happy and still acting like a puppy since he was born.

He is now 14 years and 6 months old... Looks like he has a few more ahead of him too. Thanks Nutro for giving me such a wonderful experience as a pet owner!!

Submitted by Anonymous | October 25 2010 |


Submitted by Anonymous | October 29 2010 |

I have had all my pets on Nutro since I made the switch for my Cocker Spaniel that had food allergies. That was back in 1985. So I have a lot of years using their products and am happy to say we haven't have any problems feeding 2 cats and 4 dogs over the 25 years we've been using their products.

Submitted by Anonymous | December 18 2010 |

I fed my Chow/Samoyed mix this dog food her entire life and she lived a long and healthy 171/2 years!

Submitted by Anonymous | March 19 2011 |

Both my pets have been on Nutro for six years... my pets are happy and healthy... you can't always blame the food, there could always be underlying conditions, when people have renal failure or out of control bodily functions there could be many reasons ...same goes for dogs and cats. by the way... All Nutro foods are manufactured in their own US facilities in CA and Tn... it is not made in a facility with 2 or lets say 10 other pet food brands.... Nutro dog and cat kibble, cans, treats are all made with the highest quality us ingredients with lamb and venison from New Zealand..... of which Nutro has a long standing relationship with... Nutro quality checks all of their ingredient provider sites not to mention over 600 quality checks a day on all of their products. If your looking to feed you pets something that you trust and would eat yourself this would be eat. They are the only company that guarantees a better skin nd coat.... i have never witnessed any pet with a worse coat from feeding nutro... their products are super premium with NO meat by-products...all their products are geared towards natural solutions for sensitive tummys- skin, coat, bones, and joints. Remember all dogs are not the same... just because you can eat certain things doesn't mean I can to...IBD, Celiac disease, thyroid issues, diabetes, kidney issues... can all have underlying conditions that aren't necessarily brought about by food. Pets consume other things than pet food that can cause issues..or how about the use of vaccinations, or flea and tick remedies?? Not enough testing out there about the outcome of continuous use on and in pets... Unless you have your pet or pet food tested, there is really nothing or no one to blame... you can only assume and we all know what the end result of that is. Before there is speculation that Nutro Pet Food caused your pet to vomit or have kidney failure..or the numerous other ailments pets can acquire.. the big picture should be analyzed... there are so many household supplies pets can get into and ingest...like stated before.. you never know...so if it makes consumers feel better to switch their pet food so be it...just remember that Nutro is one of the best pet food companies that legitimately tells you where the food is made and by whom and has one of the best quality and safety standards the pet food industry has ever seen!

Submitted by Anonymous | June 1 2011 |

I pray your pets do not get sick like my 3-1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel last October. She died within a month of her first symptoms. The only thing that I changed was a new bag of Nutro dog food.

Submitted by Anonymous | June 19 2011 |

I too have used Nutro with success for over 9 years. I have six dogs, five siberian huskies & one shih tzu all on nutro ultra. I've been very happy with the product & have had no medical issues. I also use nutro for my cats, though I haven't had as much success there since the company stopped making the lamb based dry cat food.

Submitted by R | April 14 2012 |

you are obviously a company representative. I'm sure glad people are posting on here! And they have a right to. Go back to your company and tout your products elsewhere.

Submitted by Anonymous | June 1 2011 |

I lost my 3-1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel to liver damage. She died within a month of becoming ill. I was back and forth to 3 different vets after she first became ill. The only thing changed was that I had bought a new bag of Nature's Choice Light Nutro dog food before she became ill. Of course, I filed a complaint with Nutro but they denied the food was the issue. I pray no other family had to go through the expense and heartache that our family went through. RIP Lily.

Submitted by Anonymous | October 19 2011 |

You, as people, we get sick with liver, upset stomach,urinary tract, cancer, virus, etc., do you blame your food when sickness of yourself or anyone you know, on the food you eat?? does not mean the Nutro food is responsible. If food - dog, cat or human has a problem, The FDA sends out an immediate RECALL to ALL - places that carry the products, be it human, pet, veggies, anything in your grocery store,soap,lotions, candy anything that may be harmful.

NO STORE NO COMPANY wants anything on their shelves that would knowly cause any kind of harm to people or pets. Not good for any business that would have harmful product. AS SOON AS there is a recall of any sort~~~products are moved off shelves FAST ASAP.

No company/store wants to lose your business therefore, it is in your best and the company to have those things removed.

It is irresponsible for conusmers to make statements as seen on this site without checking the validity of the concern.

I've feed Nutro for years. This company has been around over 80 yrs. has been the #1 "super premiun" & continued to improve their food thru the years, they have not adverised Nutro but gotten known by word of mouth from one consumer to another for the great quality, and concern for your pets health). My cats & dogs have had upset issues, just like me. I try to figure out what is not agreeing with my stomach or their's, may take a few weeks, but I make changes. With age our "body system changes" just as our cats and dogs. For my cat & dogs - it's easy with Nutro, there is food for senitive stomach, senior, high engery, weight managment,grain free, you could change the protein in the bag. Lamb, Chicken, vension, herring, turkey or beef.

Maybe feeding ckicken broth & rice diet (very easy to digest)a few days may help to take care of "stomach upset".

If something persist~~see your vet. (I don't care for Science diet vet as it has (fillers, like by-products, can't digest, can only poop it out, goes straight thru their system, gives them a larger stool as it is not digestible)example~~food that is totally digestible will produce small stool volume, with fillers larger stool volume because they can not digest.

Nutro is totally digestible. Concerns call the company.

All this is something for you to think about, a simple change can make a difference.

I dearly love my 4 legged family, they are the only family I have.

Best wishes to all that are concerned for your 4 legged family members.

Submitted by mcwcinti | March 18 2012 |

We started one of our greyhounds on Nutro Venison & potato last summer and because our
second dog liked it she went on it too. When the older dog had his teeth cleaned before Thanksgiving the vet discovered tonsil cancer but because he is almost twelve we decided not to try chemo or radiation. One of our greys had osteosarcoma, had his leg amputated and went through chemo but still died in 6 months, We spent over $5,000 with little success. Anyway, the dog with tonsil cancer seemed to be going downhill - didn't want to eat, extremely gassy - and our other greyhound stopped eating too - we thought it was sympathy. They both would eat their treats though. After finding a website where other people had dogs who had gotten sick from the Nutro food I called the vet and we put them back on their Science Diet Friday night. I set up an appointment to put the dog with cancer to sleep on Monday - tomorrow. i will call and cancel that in the morning because he is eating and no diarrhea, signs that we thought were cancer.


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