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Foodie Poodle Cooks Noodles
Francis is the well-behaved host of a Japanese cooking show on YouTube

Dogs like to help out around the house, from working farms to high-rise apartments. There’s one room, however, where they aren’t typically welcome: the kitchen.

Try telling that to Francis. He’s the miniature-poodle “host” of Cooking With Dog, a Japanese YouTube series. Over a Chopin piano soundtrack, Francis “narrates” each episode as a chef prepares classic Japanese meals. He gives measurements and advice, and rounds up the show with the full recipe. Naturally, his favorite movie is listed as Ratatouille.

Most of the time, Francis is a silent and still observer, perched politely on the counter. Occasionally, he changes position or gives an especially interesting ingredient a curious sniff, but Francis largely stays on the sidelines. He gets a little sleepy at times and, incredibly, nods off, even in the face of pork belly.

There’s at least one episode where Francis loses his cool, though: When his chef pal finishes making okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake, Francis can’t contain a little, pleading whine and impatient foot-stomps (watch below). It just looks that good.

Francis’s restraint in the kitchen is impressive. Tasty food constantly passes within inches of his snout, but he manages to stay calm—that’s some solid training. My dog, Daisy, could take a lesson or two from Francis: She loves to be my “sous chef,” but isn’t nearly so patient and unobtrusive.

Does your dog like to “help out” in the kitchen?

Kathleen St. John is a freelance writer for target The Denver Post and The Onion's A.V. Club, and a lifelong dog lover. She lives in Denver, Colo., with her husband, John, and her dog, Daisy, who's a mix of just about everything. avclub.com

Screenshot from Cooking with Dog on YouTube.

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Submitted by Hanna at Dog Pr... | July 25 2011 |

Both of my little Shih Tzu boys love to watch me cook. Or maybe it’s more like smelling me cook because whatever action takes place on the countertops or the stove is way over their heads which are just inches off the tiles kitchen floor.

I try to engage them by every so often showing them an ingredient which I’m about to use but, more often than not, they are just as happy sniffing the air. And they are at their happiest when I fry onions.

As the air in my kitchen fills up with aromas of the frying onions, my Shih Tzus go into an exotic dance that involves four-legged pounces, two-legged hops and twirling around and around. I then add more ingredients which emit sizzling sounds and additional scents and my dogs pick up the pace of their dancing and they start accompanying themselves and each other with little yelps.

My cooking is done and now my dogs have calmed down except for the bushy tails that wag so avidly that I’m afraid they’ll become detached from their long haired bodies.

Submitted by Kathleen S. | July 26 2011 |

Cute! Sounds like quite a show. My dog just stares and eats every tiny molecule that ends up on the floor. She always goes for lettuce when I'm making a salad, then spits it out on the living room carpet. Sigh.

Her favorite is when I make popcorn the old-fashioned way and a couple kernels spill out of the pot and onto the floor. Crunchy heaven.

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