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The Gift of Dreams
When our departed dogs return to us for a night
I'd love to dream of Lulu. I wonder if she ever dreamed of me?

The other night as I drifted off to sleep, I thought about how much I’d love to dream about my dog Lulu, who died in August. I’ve only had one dream about her since then, and it felt like she was back, which means it felt wonderful. But when I woke the following morning, I didn’t have any memory that I’d been successful in my efforts to conjure her.

Later in the day, while my husband and I were out walking our dog Renzo, Charlie mentioned that he’d dreamed about Lulu that night. He said, she had come to the back door and barked to be let in. When he opened the door, she pranced in with a couple packages of Jello mix in her mouth. Then, she produced another package of sausages and danced around her treasures. That’s all he could remember, but it was more than enough to feel right and make us laugh.

Next time, I hope I’m at the door when she stops by.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Lorri | December 19 2011 |

My dog Molly passed almost 5 yrs ago. She was my soul dog. I rarely dreampt of her until about a month ago. In the past month she's been in my dreams multiple nights in a row and then it may skip a few nights and starts again. I believe dreams are 'visits' from our loved ones who have passed. I'm going thru a rough time right now and i think she's just trying to tell me that she's still around me, which is a wonderful feeling. Sweet Dreams.

Submitted by Shirley Zindler | December 22 2011 |

When my beloved dog was killed by a car when I was 16, I was devastated. I grieved for a long time, but several times over the following years, I dreamed about him. In the dreams, I always found him somewhere unexpected and had a joyful reunion. It was comforting to see him, even in a dream.

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