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GMO: Are genetically modified crops safe in your dog food?


According to Silver, heightened sensitivity to dietary ingredients “is probably what we are seeing with GM foods. It is of concern that this may be driving the increase in GI problems in pets.” Although gluten probably does account for some problems with grain consumption, “I think that grain-free diets, if they are also soy free and contain protein from animals not fed GM crops, can help many dogs, due to being GM free—and not due to some allergy or gluten issue.”

To a holistic doctor, food is medicine, and Silver strongly recommends home meal preparation from individually sourced ingredients to avoid feeding GM ingredients, especially to pets who have other health problems. “I am truly a holistic practitioner in that I believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 76: Winter 2013
Sheila Pell is a journalist and contributor to The Bark.

Illustration by Design Lab Creative Studio

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Submitted by Jane | April 22 2014 |

Thanks for the helpful information.

Submitted by Miss Jan | April 24 2014 |

THANK YOU for this article (from a Bark subscriber). After the 2007 massive recalls/contaminated petfood crisis I changed from a high-end commercial dog food line and started feeding my Jack Russell terriers home-cooked diets using organic meats, organic vegetables, organic fruits and tiny amounts of organic grains (amaranth, quinoa, and barley). With increasing negative information finally making its way into our Monsanto-dominated culture I am deeply thankful I made the choice seven years ago to avoid conventionally produced food. One aspect of GMO foods that might get everyone's attention to the level of "if it's on the six oclock national news it must be true" is the connection with rampant obesity in humans and companion animals, and I believe there are European studies being done on a "causation" basis.

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