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Good Reads


In Spencer Quinn’s “Chet and Bernie” mysteries, narrated by Chet the dog, comments on the way dogs see the world ring true (and will make you smile). The fifth book, A Fist Full of Collars, is due out in September.

Our long-time favorite, Susan Conant, released a new “Holly Winter” mystery earlier this year, thank goodness; Brute Strength is number 19 in the series featuring the Malamute-loving dog writer and, of course, her favorite dogs. 




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Submitted by June J. McInerney | June 9 2012 |

I'd like to add my book, "The Basset Chronicles", to your list of great summer reads. It's a delightful collection of stories about Basset Hounds throughout the ages, both Biblical and Modern times: how Bassets were first created, how a brace of Bassets saved the Ark, and a number of tails, er, tales told by "Frankie" in his own words. This book is available at amazon.com, as well as an e-book.

Also, it is not obvious or evident on this site where one can add a suggested selection to the "Listomania", a requested in the Book Review section of the latest issue of The BARk. You need to be more specific.

Thank you,

Submitted by Catrina | June 12 2012 |

Thanks Bark, I want to read them all (some I have, like "Inside of a Dog")! Luckily I work in a library.

Submitted by Ellen | June 19 2012 |

I am reading the English version of "FaithfulRuslan" by Georgi Vladimov. The story of how the book came to be is almost as interesting as the book. It is a fiction but based on a real life incident; it tells the story of Ruslan, a Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Sheepdog/Shepherd), bred for guarding prisoners in the camps of Siberia. It is told entirely from the perspective of this dog. It is a rather difficult book to read since it is a translation and it is a very emotional tale. Not a fun book or happy book. It leaves me a little uncomfortable so I only read a little at a time. I do recommend it as a serious read and it helps me with characters in my own developing dog story.