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Have You SNIF'd Your Mutt?

I want to hate this idea; it's so Big-Brother-meets-Match.com. But the more I read about these SNIF tags, the more intrigued I am. The little lime-green collar gadgets use radio, software, Internet and social networking technologies to allow humans to monitor their pup's activity and spark up new relationships -- all from a distance. I like the idea that witnessing your dog's inactivity while you're away at work might inspire better activity interventions. I'm not sold on the promise of the SNIF tag as a catalyst for friendships.

Are there any BARk readers out there who have Beta-tested these gadgets? I'd love to hear a report from the field.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Baci | January 9 2009 |

Hi my name is Baci and I am lucky enough to have been a beta tester for the Sniftag in Boston. The human thought is was a cool idea and signed me up. Not only can they keep track of my doings during the day( did the dog walker really take me out for a half hour?) it is a great way to conect with others through the web site.

A cool way to meet other humans through thier dogs, esp in the city.
The tag will gather info of another Sniftag wearer when our paths cross. It is a way meet these dogs and humans that you may see everyday and smile to but never have spoken. Through the web site I have found two other Italian Greyhonds that live in my hood that I have never met, this is a play date waiting to happen.

The Tag lets my humans keep track of my activity, I need a little more esp in the winter to keep my girlish fig. This is helpful for your vet when tring to keep weight down or are healing from a bobo.

The Sniftag is fun! It have made "dog park"a little bigger.

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