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Holiday Gifting Trends
The average gift budget for pets is $46
My puppy, Remy, showing that opening the gift can be just as fun as what's inside!

Every year, it seems more and more pet retailers are joining in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday bandwagon. In my area, several pet stores opened as early as 7 a.m. on Black Friday. 

Not brave enough to face the crowds, I took advantage of many online deals for treats and paw-safe ice melter. Doctors Foster and Smith even planned a live, streaming webcast of sales and giveaways on both shopping holidays. No doubt pet gifting has become a big business!

According to an AP-Petside.com survey, just over half of pet lovers will be buying gifts for their pets this holiday season, with a higher percentage of those under the age of 50 shopping for their furry friends.

Not surprisingly, 68 percent of pets will receive toys and 45 percent will receive food or treats. 

The poll reported that people are planning on spending an average of $46 on their pets. Most people I know, myself included, spend about $10 to $20 on each of their pets at the holidays. But I think this is because we buy our pets “gifts” all year long!

Like the survey respondents, I usually buy my crew a few new toys and treats for Christmas. Every year, I also have a larger ticket item under the tree, but it’s usually something I had been planning on buying anyway, regardless of the holiday. Last year, it was a Nina Ottosson brainteaser game and this year it’ll be new winter coats.

What are you planning on giving your pups this year?

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.
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Submitted by Veronica | November 28 2011 |

My doxie Max will be getting a new toy, new blanky and new bed...we just moved into a new home, and since I'm getting a few new items for the apartment, I figured he should, too!

Submitted by Kae | November 28 2011 |

Like many that subscribe to The Bark, my boys are spoiled year-round, but they do still get Christmas presents. As they have way too many toys as it is (two large toy bins full), they have more than enough treats, and we're a little more strapped for $$ this year, they are each only getting probably 1 new toy...and probably a few treats. I'll be getting one of them a soccer ball, which he will destroy in 2.5 seconds, but it's one of his favorites and it's always fun to watch his reaction to having the ball to play with. For my other, I'm actually making him a toy this year. Since he loves squeakers, I'm using the rescued squeakers from past toys and putting them into a more durable double-layered, stuffed fleece toy. Also, they already got a new bed. I'd been wanting to get them a nice, supportive orthopedic bed so I grabbed one for 1/2 off at Petsmart on Black Friday. :-)

Submitted by Basil Brown | November 28 2011 |

Brand new collars and/or leashes -- our holiday tradition. Plus a few toys for the younger dog and of course treats for all. The dogs and the cat each have their own stocking, too!

Submitted by TheMistressT | December 11 2011 |

Our pets always get presents at Christmas. We lost one dog and 2 cats this year so the holiday are bittersweet for us. However we do have 2 puppies (16 months and 3 months) who will be getting a Mr. Turtle pool (with cover) that our neighbor kids had outgrown. Also, they'll get new Collar Cozies (I make and sell them so no pup of mine will wear just a plain ol' collar!), a new "baby" for each and various treats simply pulled from the treat stash. They have stockings, so whatever fits in those will be put in there. The pool will be unveiled in summer.

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