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How I Found My Dog
Little Big Dog

Dink is half-Chihuahua, half-Mini Pin. She is a little over a year-old now. She came into my life as one of the rescue angels at a pet clinic where I worked when she was about six- to eight-weeks-old. Someone had left her to die, abandoned in a cardboard box after crushing both her front legs. 
In spite of the severity of the injuries inflicted upon her by humankind, this little blessing was then and is now full of kisses and tail wags for everyone. She not only captured the heart of the doctor who took her in but the whole community. In her short life, she has undergone multiple surgeries in an attempt to save both her front legs but unfortunately, despite every effort, one had to be removed.
This has not slowed her down nor taken away her incredible joy of life. She is truly an inspiration to everyone who meets her. It is an honor to have her as a member of my family. – Michelle J. Jones, Napa, Calif.


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