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Husky Howls
Husky Puppy Practices His Howl

The other day a panda-loving friend shared this link with me of the San Diego’s newest panda baby. Besides being incredibly adorable, it does make one wonder how the panda evolved its distinctive circled-eyed appearance, and then I saw this video of a Husky pup learning to howl and found the resemblance sweetly surprising.

Claudia Kawczynska is The Bark's co-founder and editor in chief. thebark.com
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Submitted by L Welker | August 31 2012 |

I don't know how anyone can think this is sweet. That poor puppy is scared and looking for his mother and littermates! He is Not practicing howling for fun.

Submitted by J Hayes | August 31 2012 |

I agree with L. Welker. I'm surprised the editor of BARK endorses this as "cute" or "funny". Clearly the puppy is adorable, but he is scared and crying, not "practicing his howling."

Submitted by 3dogmommy | August 31 2012 |

I totally agree. This hurt me to watch. Nothing funny but cruel.

Submitted by Pat | August 31 2012 |

I agree he should be with his littermates and mother. He sounds scared not rehearsing his adult howl.

Submitted by Kathy V. | August 31 2012 |

Yep. Have tried to leave a comment stating the same opinion, but it was flagged and blocked for some reason, so I guess I just have to leave it at "I totally agree with everything said."

Submitted by 3dogmommy | August 31 2012 |

Please remove this. It is only cruel. Can't believe a dog magazine would even think this is cute. Get a sensitive editor. Hurtful and mean.

Submitted by Anna R. | August 31 2012 |

The outcry over this is a little outrageous. The video is cute. Given there are no details of the puppy's life... let's take it for what it is, a video of a puppy howling.

Submitted by GoldenEndingsFo... | August 31 2012 |

Not funny. Poor puppy wants mommy and sibs.

Submitted by Kathy V. | August 31 2012 |

This video is neither cute nor funny. The puppy is only 3-1/2 weeks old, too young to be "practicing his howl." He is clearly scared or in distress and needs his mother and litter mates. Look at how he struggles to stand up and get away. This is just cruel. I'm frankly shocked that the editors at The Bark cannot see this.

Submitted by Anonymous | September 1 2012 |

This audio caused my own dog to fret and worry when I played it. I agree that this poor pup is in distress and instead of being videoed should have been promptly returned to his litter.

Submitted by Denise | September 1 2012 |

This 3 1/2 week old pup is extremely distressed and possibly making some very unfortunate connections between human laughter and fear. There is absolutely nothing cute about this video. Some common sense please?!

Submitted by Leslie K | September 1 2012 |

Nor did I find this 'adorable pup howling' at all fun to watch. What we do know about her life is her people laugh at her trauma and would rather get a 'great shot' than soothe her. Ick. C'mon Bark- I think you blew this.

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