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Issue 38: Sep/Oct 2006


10 Classes: For you and your dog to enjoy together By Karen London, PhD
Contests Galore Write a Caption; Win a Dream Job; Nominate a Muddy Buddy; Tickle My Funny Bone.            
Because They Have No Words: A new play about Katrina’s animals.            
Poker-Playing Yorkie
Shakespearean Dog
Capping it Off: Saluting a brewer with a great cause.            
Elvis Impersonator: Dog gets to play the role of a lifetime.            
Tagged for Success: Boulder launches off-leash educational campaign.            
Smiling Dogs: Our newest family album! Is your dog among our favorites?




From This Issue

Wellness: Healthy Living

Therapy Dogs for Children with Batten Disease Batten Disease, a rare illness, has brought two communities together in a most unusual partnership. By Ketzel Levine

Wellness: Health Care

Vet Advice: Seizures in Dogs and Canine Epilepsy Don’t delay—see the vet today for a thorough workup By Sophia Yin

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Love Story Our extraordinary love affair with dogs. By Patricia McConnell

Good Dog: Studies & Research

Why Dogs Fear Thunderstorms Q&A with Nancy Dreschel, DVM By Karen B. London

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

Open Space Program Makes Off-Leash Dogs Legal in Boulder Tagged for success in Colorado By Zoe Conrad
Home Obstacle Course for Small Dogs Minimize jumping dangers By Mitchel R. Martin

Culture: Science & History

The Wolf Who Stayed A domestication that went both ways By Mark Derr

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Truffle Dogs Wanted: A dog who can keep a secret … and a nose to the ground. By Jill Hunting

Dog's Life: Green

Living Green Wise choices make your home healthier for you and your dog By Claudia Kawczynska