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Issue 47: Mar/Apr 2008


Andy Warhol—Dogs and the Pop Art icon.
Cover Dog—Rudy rules.
Lie Down with Dogs—Floor art.
Canines in Kevlar—Helping law dogs.
What’s New—Useful products.
Artful Dogs—Public art enhances dog park.
Dogs Welcome—Oregon Botanical Garden.
Dispatch from London—Beware of the talking dog.
Rent a Dog?—A look at dogs by the hour.
Show & Tell—Windsurfing, remote-hugging, cow-kissing: these dogs do it all.
The Family Dog—Jake’s day of beauty.
Smiling Dogs—All new, all smiles.




From This Issue

Magazine: 2008

Rudy: Cover Dog Mar/Apr

Wellness: Healthy Living

Symptoms of Valley Fever in Dogs Symptoms of this fungal disease are not always easy to recognize By Shannon Fitzgerald
Dog Law: What are a Vet's Obligations? Veterinary practice … and malpractice By Geordie Duckler

Wellness: Recipes

Recipes for Dogs: Meatloaf An easy-to-make meal By Corbett Marshall, Jim Deskevich

Wellness: Health Care

Melamine: Toxicity in Dog Food Recall Follow-up By Marion Nestle, Malden C. Nesheim

Wellness: Food & Nutrition

Career Change: From Human Resources to Holistic Hound Profiling notable second acts: Heidi Hill

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Behavior: Training Two Puppies at Once Doubling Up: Are Two Puppies a Good Idea? By Karen B. London

Culture: Science & History

The Wolf in Your Dog Evolutionary pathways By Michael W. Fox

Culture: DogPatch

Dog Tattoos Canine co-pilots inspire a range of tattoo tributes By Lisa Wogan
Foreign Bodies Tasty, disgusting, edible or not— everything’s fair game for curious critters By Nick Trout

Culture: Stories & Lit

Pogo Eats Strangers The taming of a pugnacious pup. By Melody Coulter
Watered Down …but not out in LA By Michelle Massie
Daisy and Pumpkin Giving new meaning to the term “assisted living.” By Dana Standish

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Oregon Garden Welcomes Dogs Make a day of it and get great take-away ideas By Susan Tasaki

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Life Vest Helping law dogs By Amelia Glynn

Dog's Life: Humane

Downtown Dogs People who matter: Lori Weise By Sheila Pell