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Issue 55: July/Aug 2009


Summer’s here, and if your idea of a good time is a shady spot, a companionable dog and a good read, we’ve got you covered—on the “good read” front at least. Among other gems, our annual Dog Lit section features a preview from Rita Mae Brown’s memoir, while Pulitzer Prize–winner Geraldine Brooks talks about the dogs in her life and comedian Carol Leifer reveals her affinity for shelter pups. Are you and your co-pilot looking for new horizons to explore? Be sure to check out our dog-loving travel mavens’ seasonal suggestions and handy tips. Plus, the scoop on vet specialists, social networking and dogs, insights into the human/canine bond, Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim’s take on animal nutrition, singer Neko Case’s pet causes, whale-scat sniffing dogs and, as always, sage advice and info from Bark’s Patricia B. McConnell, Karen London and Patty Khuly. Now, dust off that lawn chair and pour the lemonade. The new issue of Bark has arrived.

Money Isn’t Everything: Love Is.—A Southern childhood, with dogs. By Rita Mae Brown
Fact or Fiction—Rounding up the true story of Shep. By Sneed B. Collard III
Change Is Possible—Becoming a “dog person.” By Carol Leifer
Every Adoption Is a Miracle—Why comedian Carol Leifer loves shelter dogs. By Eileen Mitchell
Wagging the Dog—A few choice phrases and their origins. By Ralph Keyes
The Leash—A man, a boy and a Beagle. By Tom Grimes
Q&A: Geraldine Brooks—Author of March, People of the Book (and more) talks dog.
A Dog’s Tale—A 1904 classic. By Mark Twain
Poetry—At Dawn, My Dog by Brian Fitch; Backyard Ballroom by Lisa Pickering Knight

SPECIAL—Bark’s first fiction contest!

Cool Summer Fun—Local travel writers hit the high spots.
California, by Maria Goodavage
Oregon & Washington, by Val Mallinson
Illinois & Indiana, by Julia Kamysz Lane
Connecticut & Massachusetts, by Andi Marie Cantele
Florida’s Gulf Coast, by Robin Tierney
Happy Trails—Safety first in the great outdoors. By Melanie Monteiro
Dude Ranch Delight—A sampling of dog-friendly guest ranches. By Rebecca Wallick
Volunteer Vacations—See the world, lend a hand. By Twig Mowatt
On the Trail with Trauma & Yoni—The 10,000-mile walkers. By Lisa Wogan

Build the Bond—Reinforce your connection with your dog. By Victoria Schade
Pet Food Confidential—Christie Keith talks with Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim about canine nutrition.




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Magazine: Web Exclusives

Web Extras & Exclusives: July/Aug 2009 Good stuff we couldn't quite fit into our July 2009 issue. By The Bark

Magazine: 2009

News: Contests

So You Think You Can Write … Fiction? If so, enter Bark's first talent/writing contest.

Wellness: Healthy Living

Pet Food Politics: Know Where Your Dog's Food Comes From Interview with Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim on the state of canine nutrition By Christie Keith
Skunk Spray and Dogs The chemistry of skunk spray By Dennis O. Clegg

Wellness: Health Care

How to Find a Veterinary Specialist for Your Dog When, why and how to find one By Martha Schindler Connors

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Building the Dog-Human Bond It’s never too late to reinforce this critical foundation By Victoria Schade

Culture: Readers Write

Smiling Cayman Teacher's pet By Linda Ridgway

Culture: Reviews

Canine Behavior: A Photo Illustrated Handbook Woof and Word Press (Dist. by Dogwise), 346 pp., 2008; $49.95 By Karen B. London
Summer Reading List By The Bark
Chill Out Fido! How to Calm Your Dog Dogwise Publishing, 200 pp., 2009; $15.95 By Kay Elliott
Saved: Rescued Animals and the Lives They Transform Da Capo Press, 212 pp., 2008; $25.95 By Tom Cushing

Culture: DogPatch

Every Adoption is a Miracle Why comedian Carol Leifer loves shelter dogs By Eileen Mitchell
Neko Case’s Pet Causes Singing sensation puts her voice where her heart is By Steve McLean
Talking Dog with Geraldine Brooks A Q&A with one of our favorite writers By Claudia Kawczynska

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Is Your Dog Camp-Ready? A dog-camp pro tells us what to look for By Rebecca Wallick
Happy Trails Safety first in the great outdoors. By Melanie Monteiro
Social Networking for Dogs Online or on the ground, 21st-century technology provides options By Peter Bronski

Dog's Life: Travel

Tracking Down Dog Fun In Illinois & Indiana By Julia Kamysz Lane
Super-Dog-Friendly Pacific Northwest Washington & Oregon adventures By Val Mallinson
Dog-Friendly Dude Ranches Go west, and take your dog along. By Rebecca Wallick
See California with Your Dog Golden State Getaways By Maria Goodavage
Cool New England Hot Spots for Dogs Massachusetts & Connecticut By Andi Marie Cantele
Volunteer Vacations See the world, lend a hand By Twig Mowatt

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Dogs Sniff Out Whale Scat Scientists enlist detection dogs in their quest to learn more about whales By Amy Sutherland