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Issue 58: Feb/Mar 2010


Starting the year with a bang, we sing the praises of more than 100 people who’ve made a difference for dogs, learn about the canines (and photographs) behind the work of American master Norman Rockwell, relish the increased momentum behind the no-kill movement, and announce our new columnists, Victoria Stilwell and Nick Trout. We then round out this delicious mix with a flourish of interesting and useful articles—a DIY collar, sliding along on a kick-sled pulled by two gorgeous Siberians, the skinny on Paris’s oldest pet cemetery and, as usual, insights from our regulars. Give your dog a head scritch and settle in for a good read.

The Bark’s 100 Best & Brightest—Honoring those who have reshaped the world of dogs.
Talking Training with Victoria StilwellIt’s Me or the Dog star now answers your questions!
No-Kill Nation—How close are we to achieving this “impossible dream”? By Christie Keith
Norman Rockwell: Behind the Paintings—An American master—and dog lover—used photographs to stage his iconic tableaus. By Corry Kanzenberg

[The Simple Life] Dogsledding—An adventure in the winter woods. By Jenna Woginrich
[Second Opinion] A Vet’s Perspective—Sussing out Rocky’s mysterious malady. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Craft] Martingale Collars—How to make one yourself. By Karen Friesecke
[Working Dogs] Arson Detectives—There’s a new pooch at the firehouse. By Lisa Wogan
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash—Learning from a bad example. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Postcard from Paris] Au Revoir, Mes Chiens—Visiting the world’s oldest dog cemetery. By Claire Horton-Bussey
[Essay] The Reluctant Dog Person—Pass-along dogs change family dynamic. By Lorenzo Carcaterra
[Vet Advice] Pain Patches—What are they and when are they used? By Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS
[Training] By the Numbers—8 ways dogs have it better now. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Reviews] Irreconcilable Differences, Separation Distress and Dogs, Rescue Matters, The Safe Dog Handbook, Thereby Hangs a Tail
[Endpiece] How I Found My Dog—Addie. By Emily Freeman




From This Issue

Magazine: 2010

Wellness: Healthy Living

Pain Patches What are they and when are they used? By Phil Zeltzman
Got Teeth? So does your dog--here’s how to brush them By Cheryl Roth, Trish Phillips

Wellness: Health Care

A Vet's Perspective: Solving a Dog's Mysterious Illness Sussing out Rocky’s mysterious malady By Nick Trout

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Training Daze Even a bad example can have a good influence. By Patricia McConnell
Victoria Stilwell: How to Deal with Out-of-Control Barking You have questions, she has answers By Victoria Stilwell

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

Dogsledding An adventure in the winter woods By Jenna Woginrich

Good Dog: Studies & Research

Amazing Facts About a Dog's Ears Superior Senses: Hearing By The Bark

Culture: DogPatch

Dan Adams Love Is a Dog exhibit By The Bark

Dog's Life: DIY

Crafting a Martingale Collar Do it yourself By Karen Friesecke

Culture: Reviews

Movie Review: Sweetgrass Men, dogs, 3,000 sheep and 150 miles
Separation Distress and Dogs (2nd Edition) BehaveTech Publishing, 100 pp., 2009; $20 By Pat Miller
The Safe Dog Handbook: A Complete Guide to Protecting Your Pooch, Indoors and Out Quarry Books, 168 pp., 2009; $19.99 By Andrea Peterson

Culture: Stories & Lit

Confessions of a Reluctant Dog Person Or, how I became a certified dog person By Lorenzo Carcaterra
How I Found Addie By Emily Freeman

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Arson Dogs Super Sniffers—there’s a new pooch at the firehouse. By Lisa Wogan

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Be Safe—Be Seen Shed some light on those dark winter walks. By The Bark
Mobylizing Q&A with musician Moby By Bill DeMain

Dog's Life: Travel

Au Revoir, Mes Chiens Visiting the world’s oldest dog cemetery By Claire Horton-Bussey

Dog's Life: Humane

No Kill Nation How close are we to achieving this "impossible dream"? By Christie Keith