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Issue 61: Sept/Oct 2010


[Doggerel] The Origin of Dog Sayings. By Alysia Gray Painter
[Talking Training] Does Your Dog Have Greeting Disorder? By Victoria Stilwell
[Q&A with Elizabeth George] Inspector Lynley’s author talks “dog” with us
[Second Opinion] Looking Past a Label. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Organizations That Matter] Gateway Pet Guardians: Helping the Street Dogs in East St Louis. By Lisa Wogan
[Activity] Hiking with Small Dogs. By John Hovey
[Howl] Teacher’s Pet: Boning up for Harvard. By Amy Sutherland
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash: Rewards Redux. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[At Home Portraits] Photographers Winnie Au and Jennifer Becker focus in on domestic scenes
[Book Reviews] Let’s Take the Long Way Home, One Dog at a Time, A Modern Dog’s Life, Feed Your Pet Right

Colorama—really big photos!
DIY Readers tips
Editor’s Picks: Stylish solutions
Cleaning Confidential by Tom McNulty; Housekeeping Grab Bag
Smiling Dogs
Homecoming: Molly from Haiti
Family Dog; Pick of the Inns; Finding Toto
Kit’s Corner; Deluxe Dog Digs

Plus, Web Exclusives!



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Submitted by T | September 18 2010 |

Finally able to sit down and read the Sept/Oct issue of Bark! Don't usually do this, but had to comment on the Pack of Four article as a small part really struck home when the author spoke about using the alpha roll. I wish more people would stop and think about her statement - "Did she really need to be convinced that I was in charge? I was ten times her size; I had language, consciousness, and history behind me...I was playing master sergeant when there was no need for any standing army". I have a hard time with the needing to show dominance train of thought to most animals when the latter is true. Granted, some may have tougher personalities/traits that need to be approached in a different manner, but does the alpha method really work in most domestic pet situations? On a side note, her walks in the woods sound wonderful - that's where my dog and I try to head as often as possible. Does both of us good.

Submitted by Anonymous | October 1 2010 |

Hie I love the articles of the website. But suddenly I don't live in USA, I'm from Ecuador and it would be wonderful if you can give us the opportunity or posibility to see the magizine online I will really be thankful if you could. thank

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | October 4 2010 |

Look online for digital versions of The Bark. You'll find the last four issues here: http://thebark.com/content/digi-mag

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Magazine: 2010

Cover Dog: Bentley Sept/Oct 2010 By The Bark
Preview: Sep/Oct # 61 Editor's Letter

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Margaret Cho Exclusive Offer By The Bark

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

High Rise Pets Pups very much at home in Texas tower By Lisa Wogan
Editor's Picks Stylish Soultions By The Bark

Wellness: Health Care

Sticking with Your Dog Looking Past a Label By Nick Trout

Wellness: Healthy Living

Bringing Dog Services to Your Door A growing number of pet professionals are making house calls By Julia Kamysz Lane
10 Easy Tips for Cleaning Up After Your Dog Cleaning Confidential By Tom McNulty

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Tips for Hiking with Small Dogs Short Legs Hit the Trail By John Hovey

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Rewards Redux Positive reinforcement is in the eye of the beholder By Patricia McConnell
Does Your Dog Have a Greeting Disorder? Redirecting Extreme Excitement! By Victoria Stilwell
Make Your Dog's Life Better 10 ways for improvement. By Karen B. London

Good Dog: Studies & Research

Teacher’s Pet: Boning up at Ivy League Harvard puts canine cognition to the test By Amy Sutherland

Dog Culture: DogPatch

Finding Lost Dogs Robocalls to the rescue By Lisa Wogan
The Origin of Dog Sayings and Superstitions When the Dog Yawns, Sleep Follows By Alysia Gray Painter

Dog Culture: Reviews

Feed Your Pet Right: The Authoritative Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat Free Press; $16.99 By Leslie Crane Rugg, Eva Saks
One Dog at a Time: Saving the Strays of Helmand Thomas Dunne Books; $24.99 By Pam Constable
A Modern Dog's Life: Discover How to Do the Best for Your Dog The Experiment; $15.95 By Karen B. London
Let's Take the Long Way Home Random House; $23 By Claudia Kawczynska

Dog Culture: Stories & Lit

Dogs in the Morning A Definitive Essay By Stephen Kuusisto
Dogs Make a House a Home By Meghan Daum
Short Story: Street Dog Another finalist in The Bark’s First Annual Short Story/Fiction contest By Shawn Kobb

Dog's Life: Humane

Rescue Wonder Dog Vinny! By The Bark
(Certain) Dogs Allowed Insurance companies’ breed-restriction lists take a bite out of housing options By Sheila Pell
Dog Hoarders What is animal hoarding? Who becomes a hoarder? By Rebecca Wallick
Gateway Pet Guardians Rescuing neglected dogs from neglected streets By Lisa Wogan

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