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Issue 61: Sept/Oct 2010


Bark 61

Home, as we all know, is where the dogs are. In this September issue, we look at the idea of “home” from many angles, including home delivery of professional services and home-insurance companies’ breed restrictions. And let us not forget homecomings: U.S. soldiers on a relief mission in Haiti fall for a stray pup, a hunter in Hawaii takes in a stray (who perhaps wasn’t) and—in the second of our three fiction-contest-finalist stories—a man without a home rejoices when a dog finds one. We also look at the challenging topic of animal hoarders: those who can do irreparable harm to the animals they take in.

We excerpt Gail Caldwell’s new must-read memoir, Let’s Take the Long Way Home, in which she shares the story of her abiding friendship with Pack of Two author Caroline Knapp. Reader-inspired DIY home-design projects, and more, round out our take on things domestic.

Have you ever wondered if your dog could make it into the Ivy League, or the movies? Amy Sutherland’s “certified” Harvard dog, and Lorraine Goodman’s feature-film-appearing Tiger, show you how two dogs did it. In the latest installments from our behavior mavens, Patricia McConnell tells us what to do when pats and praise aren’t the positive reinforcements we think they are, and Karen London gives us 10 ways to increase our dogs’ happiness quotient. And Victoria Stilwell answers your question about a dog who might have a “greeting disorder.”

All that and so much more to gives you some food for thought and enjoyment. Catch us on Facebook and Twitter too.

The Talent Awaits His Big Moment: Rescue dog scores a feature part and aces his lines. By Lorraine Goodman
Make Your Dog’s Life Better: 10 Ways for Improvement. By Karen London, PhD
Home Deliveries: A growing number of professionals nationwide are bringing services to our doors. By Julia Kamysz Lane
Certain Dogs Allowed: Insurance companies’ breed-restrictions burden home-owners and renters. By Sheila Pell
Hoarders: Putting “their” animals at risk. By Rebecca Wallick
Dogs in the Morning: A Definitive Essay. By Stephen Kuusisto
Pack of Four: A memoir pays homage to a remarkable friendship. By Gail Caldwell
Aloha Laka: A hunter’s stray welcomes a new life. By Bruce Cherry
Street Dog: Homeless man’s gracious gesture to his companion. By Shawn Kobb
Where I Hang My Hat: What would a home be without a dog? By Meghan Daum




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Dog's Life: Lifestyle

High Rise Pets Pups very much at home in Texas tower By Lisa Wogan
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10 Easy Tips for Cleaning Up After Your Dog Cleaning Confidential By Tom McNulty
Bringing Dog Services to Your Door A growing number of pet professionals are making house calls By Julia Kamysz Lane

Wellness: Health Care

Sticking with Your Dog Looking Past a Label By Nick Trout

Good Dog: Studies & Research

Teacher’s Pet: Boning up at Ivy League Harvard puts canine cognition to the test By Amy Sutherland

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Make Your Dog's Life Better 10 ways for improvement. By Karen B. London
Rewards Redux Positive reinforcement is in the eye of the beholder By Patricia McConnell
Does Your Dog Have a Greeting Disorder? Redirecting Extreme Excitement! By Victoria Stilwell

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

Tips for Hiking with Small Dogs Short Legs Hit the Trail By John Hovey

Culture: Stories & Lit

Dogs in the Morning A Definitive Essay By Stephen Kuusisto
Dogs Make a House a Home By Meghan Daum
Short Story: Street Dog Another finalist in The Bark’s First Annual Short Story/Fiction contest By Shawn Kobb

Culture: DogPatch

Finding Lost Dogs Robocalls to the rescue By Lisa Wogan
The Origin of Dog Sayings and Superstitions When the Dog Yawns, Sleep Follows By Alysia Gray Painter

Culture: Reviews

Feed Your Pet Right: The Authoritative Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat Free Press; $16.99 By Leslie Crane Rugg, Eva Saks
One Dog at a Time: Saving the Strays of Helmand Thomas Dunne Books; $24.99 By Pam Constable
A Modern Dog's Life: Discover How to Do the Best for Your Dog The Experiment; $15.95 By Karen B. London
Let's Take the Long Way Home Random House; $23 By Claudia Kawczynska

Dog's Life: Humane

Rescue Wonder Dog Vinny! By The Bark
(Certain) Dogs Allowed Insurance companies’ breed-restriction lists take a bite out of housing options By Sheila Pell
Dog Hoarders What is animal hoarding? Who becomes a hoarder? By Rebecca Wallick
Gateway Pet Guardians Rescuing neglected dogs from neglected streets By Lisa Wogan

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Dog's Life: DIY

DIY Home Ideas Readers share tips By The Bark

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