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Issue 64: Apr/May 2011
The Bark takes you on dog-filled journeys far away and close to home.


Bark Cover 64

In this April issue, we look at “journeys.” We report on the race for a cure for pet overpopulation: an alternative to traditional surgical procedures. Then our attention is on the Galapagos Islands and why their unique ecology is under great stress! We discover organizations that are helping by relocating dogs, sponsoring clinics and working to raise public awareness.

From there we move to Africa, where a lovely, Ugandan dog staves off loneliness for a medical volunteer and helps her with community outreach. In this “Chloe Chronicles,” Lee finally finds her new canine soulmate, who arrives, sight unseen. The opening story pays homage to a singular thinker, Gene Sharp, who has helped oppressed people throughout the world plan their journey to freedom. Our endpiece is an evocative story of a dog's adventure to the wild side. And, we survey the dog-infused art of one of the world’s most famous “journeyers,” Paul Gauguin.

On the canine-behavior front, Barbara Smuts and Camille Ward share important findings on the ways dogs navigate their conflicts and how to know when to intervene. Janis Bradley checks assumptions about breed behavioral characteristics—herding, pointing, retrieving and so on—and why they might not always be expressed quite the way we expect.

We also have a pack of delightful and revelatory stories: Katie Fallon writes about dogs bringing comfort to grieving students, farmer Kristen Castrataro tells us about her reluctant goose-dog, and Jon Billman takes to the trails with newfangled “shoes” and a very fit senior dog. All this and our columnists, behaviorist Patricia McConnell, trainer Victoria Stilwell and vet Nick Trout—plus recipes, nutrition tips and “Me & My Dog,” our latest, for and from you, round out the offerings in our spring issue. Enjoy.

Cover Dog: Bayou
Dog-Friendly Food Trucks
Crochet Dogs; Walk on the Wine Side; Harvey
Pointer Brand
Dog-Friendly Boston
Donald Strombeck: Make Your Dog’s Dinner
Smiling Dogs
Show + Tell; Family Dog; Me & My Dog
Home Works
Freedom Tails; United They Thrive
Kit’s Corner

Gene Sharp: Wagging for Freedom. By Claudia Kawczynska
Blue-Footed Boobies and Siberian Huskies: The Galapagos nobody knows. By Ketzel Levine
Magical Thinking: The quest for nonsurgical canine birth control. By Twig Mowatt
Fighting Without Biting: Dogs have many ways to resolve conflicts. By Camille Ward, PhD, and Barbara Smuts, PhD
Gauguin: The Ultimate World Traveler: A mythic life in painting. By Claudia Kawczynska
Breeds and Behavior: “They’re not like other dogs”—or are they? By Janis Bradley
An African Dog: Home is where the dog is. By Donna Hicks Myers
How to Train a Goose-Dog: The chaser in the rye. By Kristen M. Castrataro
The Chloe Chronicles: Part I: Sight Unseen. By Lee Harrington
Endpiece: What We Don’t Know. By Judith Harway




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Magazine: 2011

Cover Dog: Bayou Apr/May 2011 By The Bark

News: Weekly Smilers

Smiling Annie By Melanie Hajacos

Wellness: Food & Nutrition

Five Reasons to Make Your Dog's Dinner Donald Strombeck's book cooks up nutritious recipes for your dog.
How and Why to Cook Your Dog’s Food An interview with Barbara Laino By JoAnna Lou

Wellness: Health Care

Veterinarian's Pet Peeves What not to do at the vet’s office. By Kathy Ewing

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

How to Run Barefoot with Your Dog Perfect landing for toes & paws By Jon Billman
Dog Sports Keep Seniors on Their Toes Forever Young By Jennifer Blood

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Eight Basic Training Cues to Teach Your Dog Cue ’em in By Karen B. London

Good Dog: Studies & Research

Dogs Use Non-Aggressive Fighting to Resolve Conflicts Dogs have many ways to resolve conflicts By Barbara Smuts

Culture: DogPatch

Every Home Needs a Harvey YouTube hit touts the joys of adoption. By The Bark
Gene Sharp: Wagging for Freedom Sit (In)! By Claudia Kawczynska
The History of Pointer Brand's Canine Mascot The Real Deal By Lisa Wogan
PhyDough’s Dog-Friendly Food Truck Curbside Treats By Lisa Wogan
Paul Gauguin: A Mythic Life in Painting The Ultimate Global Traveler By The Bark
Q&A with Animator Bill Plympton Bill Plympton draws upon a universal doggedness—the search for love. By Lauren Davis

Culture: Stories & Lit

Chloe Chronicles, Part I: New Dog Homecoming Sight Unseen By Lee Harrington
Doctors Without Borders Volunteer Finds Comfort in an African Dog Home is where the dog is … living and working in Africa By Donna Hicks Myers
Dogs Bring Comfort in the Wake of the Virginia Tech Tragedy Throwaway dogs provide comfort in frightening times By Katie Fallon
How to Train a Goose Dog The chaser in the rye By Kristen M. Castrataro

Culture: Reviews

Tea and Dog Biscuits By Susan Tasaki

Dog's Life: Travel

Dog-Friendly Travel: Boston Have Dog, Will Travel By Lisa Wogan

Dog's Life: Humane

The Trouble with Dogs on the Galapagos Blue-Footed Boobies and Siberian Huskies By Ketzel Levine
The “Pill” for Strays: Nonsurgical Sterilzation New approaches to overpopulation By Twig Mowatt

Dog's Life: DIY

Seriously Cute Crochet Dogs Ami Ami Dogs By The Bark