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Issue 64: Apr/May 2011


[Vet Pet Peeves] What not to do at the vet’s office. By Kathy Ewing
[Art] Bill Plympton animates a cartoon dog on an endless quest for love. By Lauren Davis
[Nutrition] Homecooking with Barbara Laino. By JoAnna Lou
[Reflections] Throwaway dogs provide comfort in frightening times. By Katie Fallon
[Talking Training] Shelter Adoptions. By Victoria Stilwell
[Second Opinion] New or Tried & True? By Nick Trout, DVM
[Behavior] All puppy classes are not created equal. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Training] The top eight cues to teach your dog. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Fitness] The surprising pleasures of running barefoot. By Jon Billman
[Sketchbook] San Francisco Dog Walkers. By Wendy MacNaughton
[Activities] Dog sports keep everyone on their toes. By Jennifer Blood
[Howl] The Maven: A poem from Edgar Allan Pug. By Jessica Swaim
[Book Reviews] Do Border Collies Dream of Sheep?, Tea and Dog Biscuits, Dog Sense, Colter




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From This Issue

Magazine: 2011

Cover Dog: Bayou Apr/May 2011 By The Bark

News: Weekly Smilers

Smiling Annie By Melanie Hajacos

Wellness: Food & Nutrition

Five Reasons to Make Your Dog's Dinner Donald Strombeck's book cooks up nutritious recipes for your dog.
How and Why to Cook Your Dog’s Food An interview with Barbara Laino By JoAnna Lou

Wellness: Health Care

Veterinarian's Pet Peeves What not to do at the vet’s office. By Kathy Ewing

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

How to Run Barefoot with Your Dog Perfect landing for toes & paws By Jon Billman
Dog Sports Keep Seniors on Their Toes Forever Young By Jennifer Blood

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Eight Basic Training Cues to Teach Your Dog Cue ’em in By Karen B. London

Good Dog: Studies & Research

Dogs Use Non-Aggressive Fighting to Resolve Conflicts Dogs have many ways to resolve conflicts By Barbara Smuts

Culture: DogPatch

Every Home Needs a Harvey YouTube hit touts the joys of adoption. By The Bark
Gene Sharp: Wagging for Freedom Sit (In)! By Claudia Kawczynska
The History of Pointer Brand's Canine Mascot The Real Deal By Lisa Wogan
PhyDough’s Dog-Friendly Food Truck Curbside Treats By Lisa Wogan
Paul Gauguin: A Mythic Life in Painting The Ultimate Global Traveler By The Bark
Q&A with Animator Bill Plympton Bill Plympton draws upon a universal doggedness—the search for love. By Lauren Davis

Culture: Stories & Lit

Chloe Chronicles, Part I: New Dog Homecoming Sight Unseen By Lee Harrington
Doctors Without Borders Volunteer Finds Comfort in an African Dog Home is where the dog is … living and working in Africa By Donna Hicks Myers
Dogs Bring Comfort in the Wake of the Virginia Tech Tragedy Throwaway dogs provide comfort in frightening times By Katie Fallon
How to Train a Goose Dog The chaser in the rye By Kristen M. Castrataro

Culture: Reviews

Tea and Dog Biscuits By Susan Tasaki

Dog's Life: Travel

Dog-Friendly Travel: Boston Have Dog, Will Travel By Lisa Wogan

Dog's Life: Humane

The Trouble with Dogs on the Galapagos Blue-Footed Boobies and Siberian Huskies By Ketzel Levine
The “Pill” for Strays: Nonsurgical Sterilzation New approaches to overpopulation By Twig Mowatt

Dog's Life: DIY

Seriously Cute Crochet Dogs Ami Ami Dogs By The Bark