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Issue 65: Jun/Aug 2011


Nature-Deficit Disorder
Kit’s Corner: cool goods
Show + Tell; Me & My Dog
Gluten-free Snacks
Home Works: Cabin Fever
Smiling Dogs
Masterwork: Henri Matisse & Gertrude Stein

PLUS more Web Exclusives!



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Submitted by Annie | May 27 2011 |

I recently subscribed to your magazine not expecting it to be as stellar as it was. Makes me wonder why I didn't subscribe earlier. Great job and keep up the great, great job!

Submitted by Jess D | July 11 2011 |

I thought that there was supposed to be another installation of the Chloe Chronicles in this issue? :( I was really looking forward to it...Is it available online somewhere?

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | July 12 2011 |

Chloe will be back. Look for her further adventures in the September issue.

Submitted by Jacki | August 29 2011 |

Often I read an article in BARK that I'd love to also share with other dog lovers or post to my Facebook page. If you are a subscriber (or purchase an issue off the newstand) are you able to then also access the articles and content online as well?

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | August 29 2011 |

Many, but not all, articles published in the magazine are eventually posted online as well. In addition, subscribers have access to a digital version of the magazine, which contains extras not available in the print issue. (Learn more here: http://thebark.com/content/digi-mag.)

From This Issue

Magazine: Web Exclusives

Wellness: Healthy Living

Wellness: Recipes

Recipes for Dogs: Allergen-Free Dog Treats More Recipes from "Dog Cookies" By The Bark
Recipes for Dogs: Gluten-Free Amaranth Waffles Tasty Snacks for Your Dog By Martina Schops

Wellness: Health Care

Oncept delivers cancer-fighting DNA A vet’s perspective By Nick Trout

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Is Your Dog’s Rough Play Appropriate? Some like it ruff By Barbara Smuts, Camille Ward
Why Elite Runners Make Great Dog Trainers Going the distance By Karen B. London
How to Train a Dog with Car Crate Anxiety Don't leave me! By Victoria Stilwell

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

Recipe for a Great Canine Running Partner The ABCs for your first runs together By Sophia Yin

Dog Culture: Reviews

Kit's Corner: On The Go Dicky Bag, Poopy Packs and Shortomatic Custom Board Shorts By The Bark
Dog Inc.: The Uncanny Inside Story of Cloning Man’s Best Friend Avery Publishing, 320 pp., 2010; $26.00 By Lauren Davis

Dog Culture: DogPatch

Treat Your Nature-Deficit Disorder with Your Dog Inhaling Vitamin N By Claudia Kawczynska
Home Works: Cabin Fever We’ve got the goods … By The Bark
Beginners film leads star to adoption How actor Ewan McGregor found his co-pilot dog By The Bark
Beginners' Animal Trainer Extraordinaire Coaxing a Great Film Performance from Dogs By The Bark
On the Road with Elvis The video adventure of a smiling French Bulldog. By The Bark
Q&A with Dog Sense Author John Bradshaw Making sense of dogs By Claudia Kawczynska

Dog Culture: Stories & Lit

When a Dog Adoption Doesn't Work Out Sometimes, love isn’t enough By Elizabeth Mehren
How I Found My Dog: Tarnish A dog adopts a family, receives her name and claims her chair By John L. Shepherd

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

On Losing a Veterinarian When the one who’s always there suddenly isn’t By Annik La Farge
Lost Dogs: How to Get Them Back Important lessons from a decade of missing pet recovery By Lisa Wogan

Dog's Life: Travel

Dog-Friendly Lodges Summer Adventure Planner By The Bark
The Dogs of Inisheer When Irish dogs are smiling By Maureen Donnellon

Dog's Life: Humane

How to Raise Humane Dog Food Meeting the needs of food and companion animals alike By Steve Smith
Pit Bull Bans and Other Issues Facing Ontario’s Shelters Guest Editorial: Views from the humane world By Kevin Strooband

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs