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Issue 68: Jan/Feb 2012
Bring on the New Year

We start off this year with a wide-ranging assortment of informative and inspiring articles. Behaviorist Karen London, starts a new column, “Good Dog: Behavior Matters.” In this issue, she explains what the canine teen years are all about, and assures us that, as with young humans, it does get better! We also welcome aboard a new columnist, behavior researcher Julie Hecht. For her first topic, she examines the ins and outs of doggie daycare and how you can find the right one for your dog—and if, in fact, your dog is a good candidate. This installment of Lee Harrington’s “Chloe Chronicles” tackles cures for the wintertime blues (as you might guess, dogs play a central role in her prescriptions). For those of you who like trail running—and have dogs who really like to pull—you might try dryland mushing.

See why our editor’s picked Palm Springs, Calif. as one of the coolest, dog-friendly hot spots. Senior dogs have a set of needs all their own and we’ve developed a helpful set of tips to make health and hygiene more manageable for you and comfortable for your elder dog. Interested in improving the overall health of your dog? Check out our probiotics primer.

We take a look at how Costa Rica’s The McKee Project has achieved their success as one of the best examples of how programs that help street dogs can make a huge difference. Another innovative program, Abilities Through Agility, is happening in an Iowa rehabilitative-services facility; kids, therapy dogs and an agility course are an award-winning combination. Rand Cooper presents a touching personal essay, in which he considers how a young child learns about the impermanence of a dog’s life. And in the Endpiece, a dog’s love is addressed by John Stark, who wonders if dogs ever forget their “first” loves.

Finally, along with this selection of great dog articles, we have a Bark first: a feature about cats! Many of you have cats in your domestic pack, or might be considering getting one, so we thought this branching-out would be of interest. For now, we kick off the new year with two important resolutions in mind: always be kind and loving to animals, and adopt more dogs!

Daycare Dilemma: Making the right choice for your dog. By Julie Hecht
Chloe Chronicles: The canine cure for winter blahs. By Lee Harrington
McKee Project helping Costa Rican dogs. By Twig Mowatt
Abilities Through Agility: The kids and canines of agility. By Andrea Thomson Viner
Master “Doodler ”: The lost art of William Steig.
The Primal Howl: Imparting hard lessons of loss to a child. By Rand Richards Cooper
Endpiece: Twice bitten. By John Stark
Poems from Anna Catone and Abby Arthur Johnson

[Second Opinion] Spinal surgeon’s wake-up call. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Sketchbook] Dogs of Occupy Wall Street. By Robert Grossman & Anna Jane Grossman
[Safety] Car travel with dogs. By Lisa McCormick
[Humane] Reprieve from the shelter gas chamber. By Barbara Tunick
[Health] Educate yourself about canine vertigo. By Rebecca Wallick
[Fitness] Canines and the sport of canicross. By TC Wait
[Behavior ] Dog adolescence: only a phase. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Interspecies] Introducing cats & dogs. By Jennifer Martin
[Media] Meet the dog star of The Artist.
[Aging] Tips for senior dog care. By Kathy Ewing
[Nutrition] DIY probiotics for your dog. By Elizabeth Kennedy
[Book Reviews] Unleashed Fury; Walking Back to Happiness; The Dog Who Knew Too
; The Dog Trainer’s Complete Guide; Defending the Defenseless.
[Destination] Soak up the sun in Palm Springs. By Lisa Wogan

Anthropomorphizing Our Dogs
Love Letter to Dogs
Big Number; Theater That’s for the Dogs
Home Works
Smiling Dogs
Kit’s Corner: Recipe from The Culinary Canine


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From This Issue

Magazine: 2012

Meet Finnegan Cover Dog: Jan/Feb 2012 By The Bark

Magazine: Web Exclusives

Web Exclusives: Jan/Feb 2012 Expand your horizons here. By The Bark

News: Guest Posts

The Primal Howl By Rand Richards Cooper

News: Contests

2nd Annual Puppy Love Poetry Contest Valentine’s Day 2012 By The Bark

Wellness: Recipes

Sophie’s Green Bean Casserole With Sweet Potato, Thyme, Oats and Bone Marrow By Nick LaCasse

Wellness: Food & Nutrition

DIY with Probiotics Four simple steps to success By Elizabeth Kennedy

Wellness: Health Care

In a Spin Canine vertigo is treatable but scary to witness By Rebecca Wallick
Senior Health What to do while you’re deciding what to do By Kathy Ewing

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Cats and Dogs: The Meet-up Can cats and dogs get along By Jennifer Martin
Dog Daycare More than fun and games By Julie Hecht
Ages and Stages Adolescence is only a stage By Karen B. London

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

Dryland Mushing Have dogs, will run By TC Wait
Abilities Through Agility Program transcends the sport to improve kids' lives By Andrea Thomson Viner

Culture: DogPatch

Occudogs of NYC Portraits of the Occudogs of NYC By Anna Jane Grossman
The Incredible Dr. Pol By Lisa Wogan
Every Dog Has Its Play A night at the theater: tails required By Dana Standish

Culture: Readers Write

Show & Tell: Gavin By Linda Wilson

Culture: Reviews

Book Review: Unleashed Fury Reviewed by By Virginia Munger Kahn
Defending the Defenseless Rowman & Littlefield, 312 pp., 2011; $34.95 By Elizabeth Kennedy
The Dog Trainer’s Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-behaved Pet St. Martin's Griffin, 288 pp., 2011; $15.99
Walking Back to Happiness Berkley Trade, 416 pp., 2011; $15.00 By Zoe Conrad

Culture: Stories & Lit

Chloe Chronicles, IV A Canine Cure for the Winter Blues By Lee Harrington
Twice Bitten By John Stark

Dog's Life: Humane

Progreso The McKee Project’s innovative methods forge new bonds to help Latin America’s animals By Twig Mowatt
Miracle Dog Beagle on a mission to close down animal gas chambers By Barbara Tunick

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Risky Business Car travel with an unrestrained dog is unsafe for everyone By Lisa McCormick
My Furry Valentine Dog love runs both ways By Elizabeth Kennedy
Home Works: The Dish Dogs get a spot at the table By The Bark
For Your Consideration: Uggie Co-Star of The Artist By The Bark

Dog's Life: Travel

Have Dog, Will Travel: Sun, Dialed In Palm Springs By Lisa Wogan