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Issue 78: Summer 2014


WELFARE: Grassroots Animal Welfare: Helping dogs, one community at a time. By  Donna Jackel

REVIEWS: Off the Leash by Matthew Gilbert; New Life, No Instructions by Gail Caldwell; A Dog’s History of the World by Laura Hobgood-Oster; From Birdbrained to Brilliant by Dawn  Antoniak-Mitchell; Paw and Order by Spencer Quinn; The Mountaintop School for  Dogs by Ellen Cooney; Citizen Canine by David Grimm; Puppy Savvy by Barbara Shumannfang

ENDPIECE: Murphy: A most unusual adoption arrangement. By Lisa Leshaw




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From This Issue

Wellness: Healthy Living

Summer Dogs Checklist It’s time to get out, kick back and have fun with dogs—safely! By Susan Tasaki
Fleas and Ticks Simple preventive steps can go a long way toward offsetting their threats By Sheila Pell
Second Opinion: Barbecue Blues … and how to avoid them By Nick Trout
Dog Grooming Tips for Summer Summer maintenance By Chloe Conrad
Pounds Off Pups Help your pup shed excess weight. By Ilana Strubel

Wellness: Food & Nutrition

Dog Food Logic Become a label sleuth and improve your skill at making wise dog-food choices. By Linda P. Case

Wellness: Recipes

Whole Grain Peanut Butter Treats These delectable cookies are simple to make, and can be broken into smaller pieces perfect for training bits. By Claudia Kawczynska

Wellness: Health Care

Stem Cell Therapy For Treating Canine Osteoarthritis A new treatment holds promise By Megan Cassels-Conway
Healing with Oxygen Take a Deep Breath By Susan Tasaki

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

Hiking the Sierra A dog with a job makes the perfect hiking partner By Suzanne Roberts

Culture: Reviews

Puppy Savvy: The Pocket Guide to Raising Your Dog Without Going Bonkers Very Fetching, 2012, 180 pp; $16.99 By Karen B. London
A Dog’s History of the World Book Review By The Bark
Mountaintop School for Dogs Book Review By The Bark

Culture: DogPatch

Of Mice and Men + Dog A winsome Pit Bull lands a role on the Great White Way By Amy Kantor
Off The Leash Cell Phone Lady By Matthew Gilbert
Food for Thought: Vintage Dog Food Labels Selling dog food with panache By Cameron Woo
Last Chance IPA Weyerbacher Brewing Company shows its canine love, one IPA at a time By Dan Eldridge
In the Company of Cats and Dogs Blanton Museum of Art collects more than 160 works By Cameron Woo

Culture: Stories & Lit

How I Found My Dog Carson A stray meets her match. By David Koff
Healing Fraught History of African Americans and Dogs Becoming a dog owner helped me dispel internalized myths about black people and dogs. By Joshunda Sanders
My Dog Murphy A most unusual adoption arrangement By Lisa Leshaw
Walking with Misty Daily routines provide welcome relief at both ends of the leash. By Jill Smolowe
Tula The challenges and rewards of a new pup. By Gail Caldwell

Culture: Readers Write

From Birdbrained to Brilliant Book Review By The Bark

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Guide Dogs for the Blind Guide Dogs for the Blind changes training methods, and the results are amazing. By Mardi Richmond

Dog's Life: Humane

Go Walk Shelter Dogs Guest Editorial By Debbie Sporcich
Saving City Dogs Helping dogs, one community at a time. By Donna Jackel

Dog's Life: Travel

Hike with your dog in New England Happy Trails By The Bark
Dog Paddling the Mighty Mississippi From Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico—river life with a dog. By Lucas Will

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

New Products: Canine Covers to Viva Coco Fun, functional and fruity characterize our product round-up By The Bark