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Joint Efforts




This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 49: Jul/Aug 2008
Martha Schindler Connors writes about health, fitness and nutrition and is a former senior editor at Natural Health. In her free time, she volunteers with Pointer Rescue (pointerrescue.org). martha-connors.com

Illustration by Thorina Rose

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Submitted by Carlos R. | May 29 2012 |

I have five dogs, and two of them suffer pain from arthritis. One is much worse than the other. In fact, our vet, and an orthopedic surgeon, commented that they didn't know how Argus is able to walk, let alone get around as well as he does. He is an eleven year old American bulldog who never knew the meaning of "can't", and he always seemed impervious to pain. I guess that's why he is able to move as well as he does despite his condition. He has slowed down over the past year. He is happy with shorter walks, he sort of gallops instead of runs, and he takes his time going up the three steps into our home.

I hate to see him this way. He's always been our super dog! He's supposed to be invincible. I started doing research on ways to help him be more comfortable, and this article has given me some new things to look into. My research turned up fish oil, glucosamine and chondroitin. I actually started my own website to help others learn the benefits of fish oil for dogs. I don't sell anything on it, so please feel free to click on over: http://efishoilfordogs.com It's not that pretty, but I think it has some good information for people looking to begin their dog on fish oil supplements. Good luck to all who have dogs with arthritis. Give'm a hug from me!

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