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Kids Interacting With Dogs Safely (KIDS)
American Humane launches new program.

The American Humane Association has a new program called KIDS (Kids Interacting with Dogs Safely). The emphasis is on preventing dogs bites to young children, so the program targets kids ages four to seven years old. Many programs are aimed at kids older than eight, but it’s kids younger than that who so often receive serious bites to the face, head and neck.

The program focuses on getting young kids to think about dogs’ feelings in certain situations, and teaching them not to approach strange or injured dogs. In my experience, most dog bites to children happen when they try to hug dogs, even ones they know, or when they approach dogs who are tethered by a leash or rope. Teaching kids to avoid these behaviors, which many dogs object to, along with all the other educational aspects of the program should allow them to reach their goal of fewer physical and emotional injuries by dogs to young children.

Dogs and kids were also on the minds of readers who commented to our earlier post about Dog Bite Prevention Week.


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.


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Submitted by Angered Observer | March 15 2011 |

Recently I was at a dog show and a woman was allowing her young child pick up their older small dog by the hind legs and then try and turn it over to lay upside down in his arms. The child was not big enough to handle the dog, the dog was hurt in the process and the mother who was half watching,turned around and hit the dog several times.

I was completely angered by the whole scene. The dog was clearly being hurt by the child, yet the parent blamed the poor animal. I wish I had called the animal control officers right then and there. If that is the way she treats one of her dogs, how does she treat the others that she was showing?

Parents stop blaming the animals......take responsibility for not teaching your child the correct way to handle the animal. Parents are the ones to blame, perhaps the class listed below should be for parents as well as the children.

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