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Little Dang Dog
Singer’s debut album throws a bone to a rescue effort.
Kevin Carlson and his "little dang dog," Nicki.

For less than a buck, you can enjoy a funny, happy tune about “a little scoundrel in a fur suit” and throw some cash toward a good canine cause. Inspired by his wonderful rescue hound (more on that in a sec), acoustic folk/rock singer/songwriter Kevin Carlson of Woodstock, Ga., wrote “Little Dang Dog.” He was also inspired to support the efforts of the grassroots rescue and adoption organization that made the sometimes-challenging relationship with his furry muse possible. Hence, Carlson will make a donation to Mostly Mutts for every iTunes download of this song through August 2009.

After hearing the song, we needed to know more about the inspiration. According to Carlson, it goes something like this:

“We adopted a rescue dog, Penny, from Mostly Mutts in 2004, and when she was about two-years-old, we decided to get her a playmate. Penny is very playful and always looking for someone to play chase or throw a ball for her. We went to visit Mostly Mutts and found a litter of Beagle-mix puppies, named after the elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. The only one not spoken for was Fire, whom we adopted and took home. In the first couple of days, we changed her name. Since should she get out of the yard, opening the door and yelling “Fire” probably wouldn’t have gone over too well with the neighbors. Since we had a Penny, we thought we’d name her Nicki (short for Nickel).


“In the first few months, Nicki tunneled under the fence about twice a day, dug numerous holes in inconvenient places and barked at just about anything that moved. One night while playing guitar and working on some new songs, I was notified by a neighbor that Nicki had dug under the fence and was on an adventure again. After finally getting Nicki back in the house safely, I sat back down and wrote a song about this little dang dog and decided to name it exactly that. Nicki is about three-years-old now and after spending some time working with her, she has calmed down and stopped following her nose in any random direction. Most of the time, anyway!”

If you like Carlson's light-hearted paean, check out the rest of his debut CD, “Museum.” You may recognize some of the tunes; five were selected last year by MTV, Oxygen and E! to be used in their television shows.


Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom.

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