Weekly Smilers
Mar 15th 2010 - Smiling Dogs
  • Tex
  • Blaze
  • Brody
  • Chip
  • Dixie
  • Annie, Izzie, Peony, Smudgy, Kyra, Billy, Molly and Andy
  • Briseis, Nia, Emma and Zoey, Salior, Orphie, Ruffles and Harlan, Rufus
  • Sunshine, Frankie, Daisy, Maya, Brody, Panama, Katie, Mei Mei, Daisy
  • Roxy, Caleb, Bear, Xombie, Memphis, Bentley, Mo, Hudson, Bella
  • Maggies, Kayla, Frankie, Enzo, Scottie, Rosie, Rufus, Duff, Oz
  • Buddy, Meaty, Maizie, Cooper, Shatzl, Camden, Ruben, Abby, Callie
  • Harley and Keith
  • Jake
  • Kai
  • Keelee
  • Koko and Ruby
  • Madison
  • Mika
  • Miles and Salty
  • Ollive and Oscar
  • Scotch
  • Scout
  • Shiloh and Nina
  • Snapnuts, Jaime, and Rocky
  • Snuggles, Heather and Hercules
  • Taylor
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Submitted by Nadine | March 15 2010 |

My beloved sweet Keelee - I love you so very much...

Submitted by Savannah | March 15 2010 |

thats my Maggie in the top left corner. but her name is Maggie not Maggies... she's so funny

Submitted by Kai's owner | March 16 2010 |

I miss you sweetheart and hope you are loving the other side of the rainbow bridge...

Submitted by Anonymous | August 30 2010 |

Page 7, bottom row, first on the left...my precious Poochie. ( name is not Ruffles)...The sweetest most gentle friend Ive ever had. Love you little girl...